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5 Unconventional Jobs to Consider This Year

Unconventional Jobs to Consider This Year

If you’re in the market for a new job, you may be looking into new options that you may have never tried before. There are some unique careers out there that could not only bring you the salary you want, but also the satisfaction you’ve been looking for in a career. Check out a few unconventional job options listed below.

Physical therapist assistant

If you want to work with people helping them make progress with their body and health, the role of a PTA could be the right one for you. Physical therapy can be challenging but working as a PTA allows you the opportunity to help patients and physical therapists work together to achieve results. A physical therapist assistant salary is a decent one as well, so it’s something to consider as you look for a career change.


A copywriter may need to do a lot of groundwork to get clients or find a job position that pays a fair salary, but it is a great job for those who like working alone and who enjoy working with words. From writing for one specific client to finding several people to work with as a freelancer with SEO certification, this kind of job offers versatility and variety for talented creatives.

You could write anything from dating profiles to financial posts, and as long as you’re good with grammar and words and offer dependable results, it’s reasonable to start a career as a copywriter.


If you have artistic skills and love to put them to use, a job as an illustrator could be the perfect job for you. From sites like Fiverr and Upwork where people offer creative skills for freelance work to an in-house job at a local agency, there are plenty of ways for you to put your artistry to use on the job. So, if you’ve been putting off using your talent until now, consider making 2023 the year that you give it a shot! You should take along for children’s book illustrator jobs

Executive assistant

This type of job can provide you with a good salary while also providing you with the ability to learn from the best. An executive assistant has their hands in many pies, so to speak, so if you’re someone looking to learn how to lead and grow your own business one day, this could be an excellent opportunity for you as you help someone else manage their life and business.


Wine lovers will find this to be the perfect job for them. If you find success as a master sommelier, it can even be a highly lucrative career. However, to get to that level of success, it can take a lot of work. There are different levels of certification, and it will take time to become a master sommelier.

If you have time to spare this year and want to try something new, the career of a sommelier could be something to consider, both for the potential money, but also the joy of learning the ins and outs of wine production, flavors, and so much more. Plus, doesn’t it seem like a great job to have if you’re someone who enjoys the ins and outs of wine?

In Conclusion

There are many reasons to consider a career change, whether you’re simply tired of what you’ve been doing for years or want to do something that offers you more flexibility or variety in your life. These above-mentioned options are only a few of the many unconventional jobs one can consider.

Whatever you think will be the most satisfying one for you, go for it. It may take stepping outside of your comfort zone, but it could be the most rewarding decision you ever make!