Adobe Photoshop Basic Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop Basic Photo Editing


Adobe Photoshop is famously known for its ability to manipulate varieties of photographs, videos, text, and so much more. Photoshop has infinite amounts of tools that can be used to manipulate any type of digital art. The goal of this session is to help you comprehend the basic menus, tools, and other options used in Photoshop so you may roam through Photoshop easily.

Basic Photo Editing Techniques :

Photoshop CS6 contains new features such as the dark new interface and the option to autosave
your work. Anyone who has used an older version of Photoshop may be familiar with the light
gray interface Photoshop had before, but now users are given the option to work in a darker or
lighter interface. This new interface is useful because users may be working on a dark-colored
canvas and may wish to have a lighter interface so that it is easier for them to see their canvas.
New Interface
Photoshop CS6 has four different color themes: Black, Dark Gray, Medium Gray, and Light


New features in Photoshop CS6
o User Interface changes
o Autosave
Explore the menus
o Menu Bar
o Tools Bar
o Tool-Options Bar
Use Kuler and Mini Bridge
o Create color themes
o Import images
Understand Layers
Create a Flyer
Retouch a photograph

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