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A Simple Guide to Artificial Intelligence and its Future

Artificial Intelligence

AI stands for artificial intelligence. It is an incredible simulation of human intelligence processes by machines and computer systems. In simple words, we can say that AI machines and systems are capable of doing what humans can.

These machines can think like humans, process commands like humans, and mimic all their actions. A brilliant machine that can exhibit some human traits is also called an artificially intelligent machine.

These machines are specially devised for problem-solving and deriving optimal solutions to modern problems. Speech recognition, learning, thinking, and problem-solving are the key applications of artificial intelligence in our everyday life.

How AI works?

As we mentioned above, AI machines can mimic human actions, so AI combines an enormous amount of data and iterative processes and algorithms. This incredible combination results in permitting the brilliant software’s to learn from the patterns or features of data.

If we talk about the human-like immediate reactions, a subfield of AI called cognitive computing is responsible for it. Algorithms and historical data are the key components of artificial intelligence.

These algorithms and historical data end up making a propensity model which makes predictions. It is the most common functionality of AI, but AI isn’t confined to it. It has a vast application in our daily life.

Types of AI

Now, it’s time to learn about the different types of AI that we use. So, there are four types of artificial intelligence as follows:

1.Reactive machines

Robots are the most common examples of reactive machines. Robots are machines that use artificial intelligence to react to certain situations that are already present. They are not capable of predicting the future. They just can respond to some particular commands or instructions.

2.Limited memory

Limited memory machines are capable of storing information or data for a particular time. The best thing about these machines is that they can retrieve information or data from the past and utilize it for present tasks.

Self-driving cars are the most prominent example of limited memory machines. What they do is observe the behavior of the cars in the surroundings and behave accordingly.

3.Theory of mind

It is the turning point in science and technology, and we can expect an innovative and brilliant future of machines with AI. AI would likely be so powerful to make machines that would be capable of imitating human brain models in the future. Sophia, a world-famous robot, is the most significant example of such devices based on the theory of mind.


Self-awareness machines are one of the ultimate goals of artificial intelligence. These are probably the most complex machines. These intelligent machines are as conscious as human beings. The best thing about self-awareness machines is that they exactly know what they need. They don’t ask for it because they already know it.

What is artificial narrow intelligence?

Artificial narrow intelligence is the ability of a computer to do a single task. The machines with artificial narrow intelligence are capable of accomplishing a single task, or we can say a limited range of tasks.

What is artificial general intelligence?

Artificial general intelligence is the ability of a computer to do any intellectual task that a human can. Thus, artificial general intelligence focuses on devising intelligent systems that are smart enough to perform any type of task and handle any problem.

Strong and weak artificial intelligence

The significant difference between strong and weak AI is the algorithm. Strong AI has a complex algorithm that can act in different situations and handle them no matter how hard it is. On the other hand, weak AI is based on algorithms that are programmed by a human.

Another significant difference is that strong AI has its own mind. Therefore, they can make their own decisions. On the other hand, weak AI can just mimic human behavior.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence saves time while doing a job.
  • Artificial intelligence has made everything quite easier.
  • The best thing about Artificial intelligence is that it is 24/7 available. It never gets down.
  • Artificial intelligence has the ability to save you from human error. Now, every task can be done without any human error.
  • New inventions with artificial intelligence are making every day work a lot easier than ever before!

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence has replaced the man workforce, which has taken the jobs of many individuals. This situation is causing unemployment in society.
  • People are now more lazy and sluggish as they don’t have to work hard to do any task. This attitude of them is really bad for them.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

You might have noticed the revolutionary change in the world that technology brought. Do you know what significant thing entirely changed the world? Everything is now going automated day-by-day. We see advancements in everything around us.

From the fans and lights in our home to the automobiles and everything that we can think of. We are here to elaborate on the involvement of artificial intelligence in our society so that we can estimate its impact on our life!

Let’s get into it and learn about the role that artificial intelligence plays in advancing society and revolutionizing the world!

Role of Artificial intelligence in marketing

Marketing is a dire need of every business. Either big or small, your business needs to be promoted to the relevant audience so that you can get customers for your products.

In the past few years, marketing wasn’t that easy as it is now, and all thanks to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has replaced traditional marketing practices, and now, marketing is no more than just a piece of cake.

Nowadays, online marketing is high in trend, and people are using different platforms to spread their brand message among people. Gone are the days of pamphlets and newspaper ads. Now people hire marketing executives and experts who make strategies to target their audience through social media platforms.

These social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also have artificial intelligence in their algorithms that filter the advertisement and deliver them to the right audience. Artificial intelligence has made marketing a lot easier.

All you have to do is click a few times, select your audience and just publish your ads. Marketing algorithms of social media platforms will deliver your advertisement to the right audience.

They will then click the link or buttons to contact you and buy your product. It means just a few clicks can take you to your customer, and you can skyrocket your sales through these intelligent social media marketing algorithms.

So, if you are thinking of promoting your business, we recommend you give social media marketing a try because it can help you multiply your ROI through intelligent algorithms.

Role of artificial intelligence in banking

Banking is another field where artificial intelligence has won the game. A few years ago, Money transaction wasn’t that efficient or fast, but now, intelligent ATMs have changed the way we transacted money.

Through these ATMs, we no more need to wait for the postman to deliver our money orders. All we have to do is reach our nearest ATM and withdraw money anytime and anywhere.

Banks also have to improve their methods of interacting with the customers, and so, they came up with an idea of upgrading their contact system with artificial intelligence. They have now introduced bot messengers for live customer support where their clients can interact with the bank customer care staff anytime, anywhere.

Gone are the days when we have to wait for several days to get a reply from the bank staff. Through live support, we can immediately get answers to our queries and get them entertained anytime.

Furthermore, most banks have now introduced their applications to provide their customers with immediate services in just a fraction of seconds. These apps are intelligent enough to handle your bank account and transact money whenever and wherever you need.

Through these incredible apps, you don’t even need to go to the ATMs or banks to withdraw, transact money, pay your bills, do online shopping and pay restaurant bills. You no more need to carry cash with you as you can pay from your card or app. what can be better than having such a smart card that can help you with money anytime.

The best thing about the role of artificial intelligence in banking is that it is used to catch fraudulent red-handed. Nobody can mess with a bank because they have artificial intelligence working in their scanners which can scan transactional data and detect even minor negative changes in the users’ behavior.

It is not only for the security of their clients but also for their own business to keep them safe from any breaches that can ruin their company.

Role of artificial intelligence in agriculture

We all know the pace with which agriculture has been improved in the past few years, and the credit goes to A.I. machines and tools that have made work a lot easier. If we go to a flashback, we know that agriculture wasn’t that easy; tools weren’t available to make the job easier.

People had to plow the field by hand with the help of bulls. They didn’t have good seeds and fertilizers. There was no concept of pesticides to keep their crops safe from insect attacks. All this was due to the lack of advancement in the agriculture field.

But now, if we compare today’s agriculture with the past, we can see the difference. Now, we have tractors and other tools that make plowing easier. Now, we have tools that can help us sow seeds quickly and save time to serve on other jobs.

Now our farmers are aware of the importance of pesticides. That’s why they keep their crops safe from insect attacks. A.I. has improved the technology a lot, and now, farmers can also get a chance to learn new farming techniques from people all over the world.

They can connect with successful farmers across the country and the world over the internet and learn all the new strategies to multiply their production and benefit them. They no more have to rely on the traditional methods as they can effectively improve their way of farming to increase production and add to their income.

New A.I. infused farming techniques have also allowed the farmer to grow off-season crops, so you can also get every fruit every month. Gone are the days when you had to wait for a season to come so that you can enjoy a particular fruit because now you can enjoy your favorite fruit at any time and all thanks to artificial intelligence.

Role of artificial intelligence in healthcare

When we are talking about the role of A.I. in different fields of life, how can we forget talking about the role of A.I. in healthcare? I think healthcare is the field where we see the most advancement due to A.I.

In medicine and treatment, we see brilliant machines, tools, and medications that have lowered the death rate due to certain diseases.

In the past few years, when the healthcare department wasn’t this improved, minor diseases could cause death because no proper treatment was available. Now we can get a proper treatment of every illness. Machines and tools are properly available in the hospitals that can easily and quickly diagnose the issue.

These intelligent machines like C.T. scanners, Radiotherapy machines, X-Ray machines are used to diagnose and cure the ailment.

Some new diagnosis techniques like laparoscopy and endoscopy have allowed to reach the “hard-to-reach” parts inside the body and diagnose the issue before it gets worse. Medicines are now prepared with a defined strategy where A.I. machines are used to keep up the quality and hygiene.

 You no more have to compromise your health because proper treatment with brilliant machines is now available. Medical experts are doing further researches to use these A.I. infused incredible machines, tools, and techniques to derive treatments of many other fatal diseases.

Artificial intelligence in space exploration

Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon, and that was the time when astronauts started experimenting with A.I. to devise intelligent machines for space exploration. They began making satellites to send in space and collect information about the wonders of nature there.

Previously, the satellites that were being sent weren’t brilliant enough, so they could only give limited information about space. Astronauts didn’t give up, and finally, their efforts are now bearing mouth-watering fruits. 

Now, these artificial satellites are being used for weather forecasts, T.V. transmissions, and live broadcasts. You can watch your favorite soccer match live at home without spending money on going to the stadium and paying for your ticket.

Farmers now use these satellites in the form of radio weather forecasts to know about the weather so that they can prepare for the weather change and do all the possible measures to keep their crops safe from weather effects.

Do you know? A total of 3 artificial satellites fixed at a 120-degree angle in space covers the whole earth. It means no matter where the soccer match is being played; you can watch it at your home live! I guess nothing is better than that!

Role of Artificial intelligence in automobiles

Automobiles and vehicles are other fields where we see the significant role of artificial intelligence. We see smart cars and even smart features in different vehicles that make them super incredible.

If we talk about some features that A.I. introduced in the vehicles, the first name that comes to our mind is navigation. Vehicles are now using GPS navigation systems to reach their destination smoothly. These navigation systems are connected to satellites that guide us throughout our journey.

You no longer need to worry about shifting to a new city that you don’t know about because you won’t have to ask the address and be fooled.

Advancements don’t stop here; now, people are further experimenting on different features. Different vehicles are now using built-in systems that do driving analysis and warn you about your driving.

Another incredible feature of A.I. smart cars is real-time alerts. These alerts warn you about every possible upcoming danger so that you can avoid that and be safe on the road.

A long story short, the automobile is a vital application area of artificial intelligence. We have the example of automated vehicles stuffed with incredible features like radars, GPS navigation, multiple sensors, and LIDAR that keep you and your surroundings safe from any accidental damage.

Path planning is also another brilliant feature of a self-driving vehicle that tells us about the contribution of Artificial intelligence in advancing the world.

Take away

We tried to cover the most significant areas of application of artificial intelligence. However, this list is confined, but not the application area of artificial intelligence. There is no field in this entire world where A.I. isn’t contributing.

From city and regional planning tools and techniques to the gaming and film industry, we see advancements that have made life a lot easier. Due to limited space, we could only discuss a few areas, but trust me, if we dig deep inside the topic, there’s a lot more that needs to be explored and known and acknowledged.

Artificial intelligence owes us acknowledgment for improving lifestyles and giving an innovative touch to the dull and monotonous world!

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