Asana Automation: Things to Know About Integromat Automation Software

Things to Know About Integromat Automation Software

The number of personnel, divisions, and projects grows in tandem with the growth of a company. For this reason, it has become difficult to collaborate among cross-functional teams. Teams like Product Development, Sales, Human Resources Finance, and finance. To do so easily, you need an appropriate project management system. The system allows you to automate the procedures and boost efficiency for ongoing development. This is where Asana Automation comes into the picture. 

Asana is a project management and workflow software. It’s common for Asana users to perform boring tasks like updating records after completing a task, pushing out notification messages in Third-party applications, completing tasks, etc. Consequently, Asana has developed the Asana Automation system so that you can spend time with your staff planning and focusing on other innovative activities.

Key Take-Aways
Dos:   Achieve more in a shorter period with less staff.Automate every business process you can think of.Connect any application or API.With a smaller staff, you can accomplish more in less time.
Don`ts: Don`t waste any more time doing manual work Don`t start from the beginning

Asana is a project management tool that aids business teams in managing, organizing, and designing their workflow. The ASANA project management solution is available as a mobile app and as a SaaS platform. To keep track of the project’s progress, you don’t need to waste time composing emails or attending ineffective meetings. Asana Automation allows you to effortlessly assign tasks to the team, prioritize activities, and manage project progress on the same page. To see who is responsible for what, you can add parts of the project and assign Task Dependencies.

Features of Asana 

  • Remote Access – You may access your projects online from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.
  • Asana Timeline – With this feature, you can establish milestones for any project and track progress.
  • Asana Portfolios and Workload – You can create Portfolios for each department and track each team’s progress. The Workload tab shows you who has what work, allowing you to efficiently allocate responsibilities.
  • Asana Calendar View – In Asana Calendar Perspective, you receive a bird’s eye view of all assigned tasks to you & your team. 
  • Collaboration – With this feature, your team can attach files to tasks in Asana Calendar View, give comments, and like others’ work.
  • Customization – You can construct your Workflow method to fit your personality. You can create Asana Calendars, Boards, and Time Frame from scratch or utilize the library templates.
  • Communities & Support Center – An established Asana Community Forum helps users who are having trouble with Asana get their issues resolved and continue working on their projects. Asana Help is also available, so you can receive help from an Asana professional if you need it. 

Features of Asana Automation

  • Custom Rules Builder – Workflows can be automated using a Custom Rules Builder including over 70 rules. Workflows embedded into third-party programs like Slack, Outlook, and Gmail can also assign and route tasks.
  • Pre-set Rules Gallery – It’s easy to design the Rules with the help of the Pre-set Rules Gallery.
  • Audit Trails and Error Alerts – Auditing and Error Tracking Whenever a problem occurs, an alert is sent to the Rule owner.
  • Forms – Automatically assigning tasks in any Workflow through a form
  • Due dates – Project Template due dates are automatically shifted to improve workflows or procedures.
  • Task dependencies – When there are planning issues, the task dependencies feature is automatically changed.

When you’re able to integrate Asana with other programs and processes, you’re able to unleash its full potential. Using Integromat, you can connect your Asana account. As a result, you will be able to inform your clients when particular project milestones are met. You may also use Integromat to send formatted emails to your clients once you’ve accomplished certain phases in a process. 

What is Integromat?

The day-to-day operations of today’s organizations would be impossible without the help of software tools. 

“According to research by Okta, the average firm has 129 apps”. 

Shopify, MailChimp, Xero, PayPal, Slack, and Notion are just some of the tools you may already be utilizing to run your business. A major issue is that these programs don’t easily communicate with each other. You certainly have the option of hiring a developer to create a bespoke application. However, this will be costly, and whatever solution you come up with may probably not be scalable enough. Most companies don’t bother; instead, they waste their time and money copying data between all these supposedly time-saving programs. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to this situation. Creating multi-step automation and connecting services is a breeze using Integromat’s drag-and-drop interface. 

Being a cloud-based automation solution, Integromat connects and runs in the background several online services, programs, and repetitive procedures. When it comes to cutting down on time, it’s one of the most cutting-edge technologies available to businesses today. The company behind this automation software is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Using the app eliminates all the hassles of transferring data between different devices. And the best part is that it doesn’t require any coding knowledge to utilize. Microsoft’s cloud-based Integromat service automates hundreds of different cloud-based services. Integromat can let you automate any app you use.

What You Need to Know About Integromat Automation Software

How Does it Work?

Doing so much with such a small app is a mystery you might be interested in, then. Using APIs, Integromat can accomplish all of its goals (APIs). APIs have defined pieces of code that define what programs must perform to connect. Integromat gives a dynamic user interface called modules. This interface straightforwardly implements the APIs. Icons depicting various apps and procedures are all that these modules are made out of. Suppose you’ve gotten an email containing critical information and an attachment. After opening the email and downloading any attachments, you’d typically copy and paste the information into your CRM. You won’t have to do any of this with Integromat. 

Integromat does it all for you. After you’ve connected your email app to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you’ll need to choose a trigger. A keyword like “project” can serve as a trigger for this action. Data is shared and uploads are performed as needed when a phrase or a word is discovered. Integromat can distinguish between relevant and irrelevant data. So, you don’t have to worry about incorrect data being entered into your CRM. It accomplishes this goal in the most efficient way possible by splitting emails into content, customer data, and attachments. Your CRM will be searched for the correct client, and all relevant data will be uploaded.

Integromat Automation

This straightforward task may seem doable alone. However, even the smallest of actions can have a significant effect. Every day, thousands of these seemingly insignificant tasks necessitate enormous amounts of time and effort. When you use Integromat’s automation software, it allows you to eliminate these and save a lot of money and time. When you have more time on your hands, you can handle things like value-adding activities, client communication, project management and processes, marketing, and much more.

Integromat Salesforce Integration

Are you wondering if Integromat can interface with Salesforce? Yes, it is possible, and the procedure is not complicated. Integromat allows you to make API calls to automate all of your workflows. You’ll need to have a Salesforce account if you must connect it with Integromat. To connect to Salesforce, open the Integrated automation software’s Salesforce module. And learn how to integrate Integromat with Salesforce in a step-by-step tutorial available.

  1. QuickBooks

Integromat connection allows you to connect Salesforce to a wide range of business tools. You may integrate your account with QuickBooks. This allows you to ensure that new Salesforce accounts get immediately added as new customers to QuickBooks. This way, you may eliminate the repetitious duty of copying customer information from your Salesforce into QuickBooks. When Integromat recognizes a trigger, everything happens automatically.

  1. Contact Constantly

Another time-consuming task that you don’t need to perform is updating your contact list. Integromat lets you set up Constant Contact to automatically import new Salesforce contacts, ensuring that all of your contacts are in sync.

  1. Trello

With Trello, project management can be simple. Repetitive work updating templates, on the other hand, can be exhausting and time-consuming. For any new task that is added to Salesforce, Integromat may easily create a new Trello template.

  1. Paperform

As a last note, managing your website’s web forms with Paperform will make your life much easier. Using Integromat, you can connect all of your website’s forms straight to Salesforce, eliminating the need for re-entry. If a customer completes a page, Integromat will automatically populate Salesforce with their information.


Both Asana and Integromat have been designed with a user-friendly interface. Specially Asana Automation, anyone, regardless of their coding skills, can use it to improve their workflows and processes. Your company’s unique needs can be taken into consideration when determining the best way Integromat can be used. The options are endless, and we’d be pleased to help you explore them, as well as implement the automation. We’ll be there for you as soon as you get in touch with us.