Bar Bending Schedule For Box Culvert “XLS”

Bar Bending Schedule For Box Culvert “XLS”


This Bar Bending Schedule For Box Culvert is very useful to create Bar Bending Schedule (BBS). Download it free.

Bar bending Definition (BBS)

Bar Bending is the method of bending reinforcing (RFT)  steel into shapes which are very important for reinforced concrete construction.
Bar bending schedule (BBS) alias schedule of bars refers to a list of reinforcement (RFT)  bars, a specified reinforcement concrete work item that is shown in a tabular form for a smooth view. This table sums up all the needed particulars of bars ranging from diameter, the shape of bending, length of each bent & straight portions, angles of bending, the total length of each bar & the number of each type of bar. This information can be used for making an estimate of quantities.

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