Biological Chemistry MCQ Bank Questions

Biological Chemistry MCQ Bank Questions


This Pdf contains Biochemistry questions and answers which focuses on all areas of Biochemistry subject covering maximum topics in Biochemistry. These topics are chosen from a collection of most authoritative & best reference books on Biochemistry.

Organic Chemistry Practice Multiple Choice Questions:

Biochemistry. Biomolecules and cell structures. Methods of biochemical investigations, their diagnostic significance.

1. Before prescribing protein-containing parenteral feeding to a patient, a doctor sent the patient’s blood to a laboratory to determine the electrophoretic spectrum of proteins. What physicochemical properties of proteins is this method based on?
A. Viscosity
B. Presence of charge
C. Inability to denaturation
D. Solubility and capacity for swelling
E. Optical activity.

2. Hemoglobin of an adult person is a tetramer consisting of two identical α- and two identical βpolypeptide chains. What is this kind of the protein structure called?
A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tertiary
D. Quaternary
E. Peptide.

3. The conjugated proteins necessarily contain a special component as a non-protein part. Choose the substance that can’t carry out this function:
A. Thiamine pyrophosphate
E. Glucose

4. Different functional groups can be present in the structure of L-amino acid’s radicals. Identify the group that is able to form ester bond:
B. -OH
C. -SH
D. -NH2

5. Which of the listed proteins are simple:
A. Albumins
B. Hemoglobin
C. Cazein
D. Myoglobin
E. Chlorophil

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