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11 Most Lucrative Business Ideas For Artists

Business Ideas For Artists

Are you an artist? Discover the 11 most lucrative business ideas for artists who grow generational wealth exponentially by doing what they love doing the most.

“Yay! My art is starting to make me money!”

That could be the happiest moment for an artist. Especially if you were a 21-year-old who has never taken business classes. And all you had was the chops for creating superpowers through your art; spark emotions in people, provoke great sadness, or brew overspilling joy.

Can you relate?

Well, as a drawing artist, I was also merely doing it just for passion until I figured out these 11 business ideas for artists. Now, I haven’t tried them all out because not all of them align with my creativity. But I do know they are all viable cause I have friends from art groups making money through them.

Let me show you how I was able to decide which of these artistic business ideas were for me and how I was able to foresee profitability.

How To Choose The Perfect Profitable Artistic Business Ideas For You

So, here are the questions you should answer:

Are Your Talents And Creativity The Big Engines Of This Venture?

It’s not enough that your skills are only useful to the business. At least not if you want the business ideas for artists that will be your main cash cows. For example; though your calligraphy talent is useful to an event planning business, you won’t be as profitable as niching down to selling just your creative hand-writings.

Is There An Audience For This Business?

When targeting an online audience, do a search-volume-research to discover the number of people sourcing calligraphers online daily. Use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush for this. For an offline audience, take numbers from event planners and other businesses around you who also render calligraphy services.

Is The Market Saturated? Who Are Your Competitors?

A highly saturated market may not be as competitive as a fairly saturated one which is dominated by the “big boys”. Consider your resources. Can you come up with new uncommon arts that can make you shine out of the crowd? Do you have ENOUGH resources for an outranking marketing and brand awareness campaign?

Can You Realistically Meet Your Projected Profits Consistently While Still Being Relevant?

By relevancy, I mean, the factor that grows customer satisfaction, which is; stellar quality services/products delivered fast and on time. Now, can you be consistently profitable, hitting your monthly profit goals, without sacrificing the values that keep customers glued? Let your resources answer that.

Now, let’s get to the main part. By the way, check out these top creative small business ideas.

11 Easily Profitable Small Business Ideas For Artists

For convenience and easy find, I am splitting these 20 business ideas for artists into groups:

Business Ideas For Drawing Artists And Painters

So, if you draw and paint like me, here are the best business ideas for artists:

1.Design And Sell Art Coloring Books

Even if you’ve never published a book nor have a connection with a publisher, self-publishing will get you there. AmazonKindle is a great place to start publishing and selling your art coloring books to adults and children. Just create the soft copy and Amazon will do the heavy lifting.

2.Target Video Games Developers

Video games companies are constantly buying illustrations for their projects. Sign up for free on freelance platforms like Fiverr or UpWork to start pitching. Remember, your job is circled around making drawings, paintings, and sketches of video elements like characters and backgrounds.

3.Work As A Color Consultant

Become the go-to for professional advice about colors and painting. Set up an official website where homeowners, college students, and others can book consultations with you. To be a color consultant, know that you must have vast knowledge about colors, painting, and their history.

4.Start An Online Comic Books Store

If you have a flair for both story-telling and drawing, this could be your major cash cow. You could either sell soft copies of your comics or offer renewable paid memberships to your content. But who says you can’t do both? Also, help others to sell their books for a commission.

5.Draw And Sell Tattoo Ideas

If you don’t want to be the one holding a needle and piercing the upper skin layer of a customer, do this. Sketch/draw your tattoo ideas and sell them to tattoo business owners. Even better, be the one that tattoo-getters communicate their personalized dream with and get it etched in a paper for them for a fee.

Pottery Business Ideas For Artists

1.Get Paid By Other Potters

Combine a great teaching ability with your pot-making talent and we have a high-paying pottery tutor. I mean, you have a LOT of options. Create passive income streams by selling tutorial videos on Udemy. Create and monetize YouTube channels. Start an online membership pottery school. Get paid when potters use your studio. Keep thinking. Or get to work.

2.Restore Antique Decors

Every day, pots and other clay-made decors are broken. Most of these decors are antique and thus significant to homeowners and offices who would rather have them restored than part with them. Be the ONE, create an online or and an offline location and make outreaches to your targets.

3.Open An Offline Store To Sell Your Works

Here’s the “last on my list” of business ideas for artists who are into pottery. If you have the capital, rent a space, build your arsenal of pieces of pottery equipment, connect with buyers, and start selling your pots. Psst: also see these top small business ideas for women.

Business Ideas For Artists With Culinary Skills

Culinary Business Ideas

1.Teach Culinary Classes

Now, this could be a class about baking, tea-making, BBQing, or what have you. Well, it depends on your culinary skills. Mind you, the profitability varies between these classes and it also depends on the size of the class you take.

2.Sell Your Own Food Items

If you’ve got the managerial skills, have experience handling a business, and are financially buoyant to start your own food store, this is for you. You could make people take orders online while making use of your home kitchen to cook for them.

Other Business Ideas For Artist

Create customizable journals, craft pieces of jewelry, teach gardening courses, work as a freelance musician, or start a creative writing class. Also, you can be a fashion photographer, open a dance studio, work as a corporate designer for real estate agents, or become a personal stylist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Ideas For Artists

How Do Artists Grow Business?

Here are the essentials; work with a mentor, join a community of like-minds, develop a business plan, have a vision, take action, be disciplined, and keep learning.

How Do I Start Selling My Arts?

Well, do these; create a functional presence online or offline or both, invest in brand awareness, make campaigns, craft a fan base, and repeat. This works for all business ideas for artists.

What Type Of Art Sells Best?

According to the studies carried out between 2018 and 2019, fine arts and decorative arts sell the best.

Why Is My Art Not Selling?

Actually, only you can find that out through a thorough analysis of your business. However, often, the reasons for no or low sales are; failed marketing strategy and poor customer relationship management.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re gunning for the small business ideas for artists or you want to go big with the capital-intensive business ideas for artists, your talents and skills make most of the decision. Luckily, in this article, I have highlighted the 11 most profitable businesses in various categories of art. I hope this helps you.

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