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16 Most Profitable Business Ideas For Summer

Business Ideas For Summer

Do you want to start a summer business? If the answer is YES, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have researched and listed the most profitable business ideas for summer that can be started at a low cost.

In fact, the summer is the best time for people who want to do something on their own. Furthermore, longer days allow you to get a lot more done in a day. People generally take advantage of the hot weather by spending more time outside during the summer.

Best Business Ideas For Summer

Ready to start your summer business? Here are 16 business ideas for summer for whether you’re a college student or not!

1.Aquarium Maintenance

Ornamental fish are the most beautiful pets in the world. And nowadays, aquariums can be used in a variety of ways in interior design. So, starting a home-based aquarium maintenance service is a very profitable summer business that you can start from home.

2.Ice Cream Truck

Nothing beats the sound of an ice cream truck riding around a neighborhood. They all have a distinct melody that makes you want to buy ice cream. Ice cream trucks are not only nostalgic, but they are also excellent business opportunities during the summer months. Ice cream truck is a possible business idea for summer hot weather.

Being mobile allows you to expand your customer base and make more money. It’s also quite practical, given that you’ll have the air conditioning on a hot summer day.

Nonetheless, buying or modifying a truck with a freezer can be costly. Setting up an ice cream stand is a low-cost alternative. This can be as simple as a mobile freezer cart with an umbrella to provide shade.

You can set up your stand at local events or in high-traffic areas around your city. You can sell cold beverages, such as water, to passersby in addition to ice cream.

3.Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands are a popular good small business idea for summer. Though cliche, they’ve been around for decades because they work!

Lemonade stands are ideal for festivals, fairs, and shows, as well as setting up at piers and beaches. So, take a look at upcoming events in your area to find sales opportunities.

Because there are so many lemonades stands during the summer, you’ll need a way to stand out. One method is to provide “spiked” lemonade to adults. Of course, they’ll have to show proof of age, and you’ll need the necessary business licenses and permits.

4.Boat Renting

In fact, boat rentals include underwater amusement activities. The business is easy to start. However, it requires a startup investment, as well as proper marketing planning and advertising. In general, tourist attractions are ideal locations for a boat rental business.

5.Pool Cleaning Service

Pool usage will be at an all-time high due to the warm weather. As a result, pool owners, recreational facilities, and hotels will want to ensure that their pools are clean and safe to use.

Pool maintenance is a low-cost business. You only need a few cleaning supplies to get the job done. Though it may appear simple enough, it is a good idea to take a spa and pool operations class so that you know exactly what you’re doing.

Once you’ve been certified, you’ll need to have the proper insurance in place to protect yourself. During the summer, you’ll almost certainly make extra money with this type of business.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

6.Kayak Rental

Kayak and canoe rental is another great summer business you can start. If you live in an area where there is a potential for water entertainment, you should think about starting this business. This business, like any other rental business, requires a startup investment. Kayak rental is considered as one of the easiest business ideas for summer.

7.Walking Tour Guide

Being a local walking tour guide is a great option if you live in a city with a lot of tourist attractions and/or history. To lead tour groups around town, all you need to do is brush up on your knowledge of the city’s facts and history.

If you are going to lead a walking tour group, you must be physically capable of meeting the demands. This is a business that relies heavily on your physical fitness. You should also enjoy conversing with others and answering questions.

When you’re ready to get started, you can sign up with sites like Tours by Locals to work as a tour guide in your city or almost anywhere in the world!

8.House Cleaning

Most households begin massive cleaning efforts in the spring, which often last throughout the summer. Cleaning is not something that most people enjoy doing. That is why cleaning services exist and thrive.

People would gladly pay someone else to do the dirty work if they were too busy traveling and hosting events. You can easily make $200 or more per home depending on the square footage and what your clients want to be done.

Cleaning supplies for various surfaces and cleaning jobs are required for this business. You’ll also need to be physically able to move and bend a lot to get the job done.

Do you want to make more money? Employ local college and high school students to assist you in cleaning more homes. Despite the fact that you will have to pay them, you will be able to take on more homes and earn more money.

9.Pet Walking

Even if pet owners aren’t traveling during the summer, work and other responsibilities may keep them busy. This could imply that they fail to walk their dogs on a regular basis.

If you’re a dog lover or a dog owner, this is a great problem to solve with a business. You can walk dogs in your neighborhood in your spare time, giving them much-needed exercise and play while also assisting their owner.

You can connect with other “pawrents” who need someone to check on, walk, feed, or board their dog while they’re away on sites like Depending on your location, you could earn up to $40 per day or more.

10.Garage cleaning/organizing

Nobody wants to clean their garage in the winter, and few want to clean it in the summer. Why not offer to help them out? Cleaning supplies, marketing materials, and a knack for organizing and labeling are all you’ll need to get started.

11.House Painting

Once again, this is a classic. House painting is one of the business ideas for summer. This one is a little more competitive because the house painting business idea has been around for a long time. If you have excellent color design skills, this is a company you should look into.

12.Scooter Rental Business

Scooter rental businesses, like bicycle rental businesses, can be great options for entrepreneurs who live in areas with a high number of tourists and scooter-friendly motor vehicle laws. Successful business owners must have strong sales and customer service skills, as well as knowledge of how to maintain their scooters.

Startup costs can be high depending on the number of scooters in your fleet, but seasonal earnings can be high as well. The area in which you operate, as well as the number of customers you are able to bring in on a regular basis, will determine your overall growth and earning potential. Scooter rental is one of the business ideas for summer that can be started with low investment.

13.Flower Delivery

Another idea from business ideas for summer is fresh flowers which are a lovely addition to any space, but they are often overlooked in our hectic lives. Provide a service to small local businesses by coming in once a week with fresh flowers for a small fee on top of the lower cost. Spend some time clipping and arranging flowers to create some stunning arrangements.

To begin, make a list of businesses that might be interested and then go to a thrift store to buy a few nice vases for each office. Then, each week, fill them with flowers from your local grocery store (which will be less expensive than going through a florist) and take care of last week’s flowers.

14.Home Rentals

People enjoy traveling during the summer, and tourists are frequently looking for a more authentic experience than simply staying in hotels. If you live in a tourist-friendly town, you can offer them a place to stay. Check with your neighbors, family, and friends to see if they’d like to make some extra money by renting out their homes for the summer. This could be while they are on vacation or if they have another property, such as a vacation home.

Offer a service that takes pictures of the home and creates accounts on various vacation rental websites such as and Airbnb for a small fee. Home Rentals is an idea from business ideas for summer but it can be done any time during the year.

15.Car Rental

Renting out your car while you’re away for the summer is a novel business concept. This business model has grown in popularity over the years, with several websites offering the services.

Even if you’re not going away for the summer, you can rent out your car when it’s not in use. Use websites such as rentalcars to learn more about car rentals and how to get started in your city.

16.Food Truck

Food trucks are a food business idea for summer that has grown in popularity in recent years. People are discovering that they are adequate, if not superior, alternatives to traditional restaurants.

Food trucks can always be found at outdoor events and festivals. They have, however, become popular for birthday parties and even weddings. This means there are numerous opportunities for you to enter this market. Food trucks that sell unusual or highly specific foods tend to draw large crowds, which can mean big bucks.

Having a food truck does require an investment. This means you’ll need to save up to buy or rent one. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic option that allows for flexibility during the summer and beyond!

In Conclusion

These business ideas are ideal for the summer season. However, you can start these businesses at any time of year. If you have any suggestions for a great summer business, please share them with us on our social media platforms.

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