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17 Top Business Ideas For Vacant Land

Business Ideas For Vacant Land

Vacant land can be turned into an asset that generates income. While land is valuable when a structure is built on it, that doesn’t mean it can start producing income for you right away.

However, there are a few factors that will determine the type of business you can run on your land. You must consider the area’s zoning laws, the location of the land, and, of course, the size of the land. The following are some profitable business ideas for vacant land that you can use to make money from your land, either temporarily or permanently.

Best Small Business ideas for Vacant Land


Farming is one of the most underappreciated businesses in the world, despite the fact that it is extremely profitable. Every person on the planet must consume farm produce at some point, so starting a farm on your vacant land is never a bad idea. You can grow food and cash crops to sell locally or export. Farming is one of the top business ideas for vacant land that you should try.

2.Kiosk Store or Shops

Some businesses do not require such large shops to function. You can build small kiosk stores or shops on your property and rent them out to local small business owners. Food sellers, market traders, ice sellers, and drink and beverage sellers are just a few of the businesses that can thrive in such stores.

3.Outdoor Advertising

If your land is near a highway or in another strategic location, you can put up billboards and charge advertisers to place their advertisements on your billboards. This type of business can provide you with consistent passive income over time.

4.Sell the land

You have the option of keeping the land and selling it later. This is a very high return on investment, but you must understand how land in your area appreciates. Land can also be cleared, levelled, and prepared for construction, which will significantly increase the price of the land.

5.Boat storage

Allowing others to use your land for storage is a simple way to make money from it. Boats are a popular storage option because owners will leave the boat on your property all winter and then take it to the water when the weather warms up. Some storage facilities charge more than $125 per month to store a house boat.

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6.Solar energy

If you have the funds to install solar panels or if you want to rent your land to a company that wants to install solar panels on your property, this can be a very profitable option for you. The goal is to collaborate with energy providers or businesses that want to buy the solar energy you generate. Many new small businesses are springing up that build their own solar farms and sell the energy back to utility companies. You can work with these companies or pay for the initial costs yourself.

7.Parking lot

Parking fees alone can make you money if you own prime real estate in a high-traffic area. Because a popular lake near me has limited parking, landowners will charge a small fee to allow people to park on their property. The lot has a lot of dirt and grassy areas, and it isn’t a high-maintenance venture.

8.Event rentals

Renting out the space for events is a popular option, especially for large parcels of land. Wedding venues in my area have been doing this, and all they have to offer is the land. Tents, tables, and chairs can be rented, or you can bring your own. A farm near me does the same thing, and they’ll make a few thousand dollars for a single wedding.

9.Farm leasing

Farmers will want to use your land for farming if you have a large enough plot. These farmers will handle all of the maintenance and work, but they need your land to make money. You can sign multi-year contracts and have a steady source of income for many years.

10.Grazing land

Farmers may be unwilling to plant and grow crops on your land. Instead, some farmers or ranchers will prefer to graze their livestock on the land. Because the animals will eat the grass, you will have free “maintenance.” Grazing land does not generate the same income as the other options, but it requires no maintenance. making a profit on everything


Utility companies may offer to pay for solar panels installed on your property, as well as wind turbines. The business idea for vacant land is that you will be paid a monthly fee or commission based on the amount of energy produced. You can also request free energy from the deal, which will lower your monthly electricity costs.

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Land may contain valuable minerals, and if so, you can be paid a lot of money to rent it. Oil companies frequently lease land and pay royalties on the oil drilled to the landowner. If your land contains valuable minerals, you may have struck “gold,” but there is always the possibility that your land contains valuable resources.

13.Housing development

Many owners have built or plan to build homes on their vacant land. The goal is to construct a house and then resell it for a profit. This is a fantastic option because it gives you a lot of options if the house does not sell quickly. You can even rent out the house if it doesn’t sell, or you can rent it out as an Airbnb property while you’re trying to sell it.

14.Commercial units

Because commercial units have much higher rent prices than residential units, strip malls and commercial units will be a great source of income.

15.Wood Processing

If you have a large number of trees on your property, you can begin cutting them down and processing them for sale to people in the construction and furniture manufacturing industries.

16.Beekeeping Farm

Another profitable business is the production and sale of honey, beeswax, and other bee products. You can turn your land into a bee farm, where you can raise bees and sell their byproducts.

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17.Car Wash

Another one of business ideas for vacant land is a car wash, especially if the land is near a road or in a busy area.


I hope this list of business ideas for vacant land is useful to you! Remember that the suitability of these business ideas is dependent on a variety of factors related to the vacant land. So make the best and most feasible decision you can.

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