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Business Intelligence Solutions As Key Pillars To Success

Business Intelligence Solutions

Are you struggling to anticipate and meet the ever-changing customer needs? The main reason behind this issue is probably having the wrong customer data regarding their taste and preferences. That’s why your business needs business intelligence solutions to collect, analyze and display customer and market data in real-time, which will inform your decisions. 

Imagine having to go through 100,000 customer comments manually to make a decision regarding a product. You’ll probably get tired along the way, right? Besides, it’s infeasible because of the amount of time and labor required to analyze such loads of data.

Business intelligence (BI) solutions and tools enable you to access and evaluate large data sets in a single platform while giving vital reports and visual presentations of what’s going on in the market in real-time. Therefore, you’ll notice changes quickly and respond appropriately.

New to business intelligence solutions? Don’t worry! We’ve made this article specially for you.

What is business intelligence solutions?

Business intelligence solutions are systems that combine data mining, data infrastructure and tools, business analytics, data visualization, and other best practices that help companies make data-driven decisions. Currently, you know that you have the perfect modern business analytics and intelligence solutions if you have an extensive overview of your company’s data and can use it to eliminate inefficiencies, drive change and adapt to supply and market changes.

Who uses business intelligence solutions?

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, which companies use business intelligence solutions? Well, successful businesses in various sectors integrate advanced business intelligence solutions to enhance their ability to make informed decisions. Imagine a company like Amazon processes over 197 million sales a month. How would they understand what the user needs?

These companies invest in and rely on business intelligence and analytics solutions to study their customer behavior and make decisions that are in line with customers’ needs. However, the healthcare industry is a major beneficiary of intelligent business solutions. Clinical business intelligence solutions facilitate better patient diagnosis because samples from millions of patients can be assessed in real-time.

As a result, medical practitioners can make effective decisions regarding prescriptions and other medical processes. However, regardless of your business size, you can as well integrate business intelligence solutions to help you survive and thrive in the competitive market. All you need is to identify business intelligence solutions that suit your needs effectively.

What do business analytics and business intelligence solutions do?

Business analytics and business intelligence solutions integrate multiple functionalities, including visualization, analytics and reporting to provide crucial insight into various organizational aspects. As a result, they enable you to assess the market position, identify sales opportunities and measure the product’s viability.

Instead of using guesswork and instincts to make critical business decisions, these digital business solutions allow you to apply analytics to optimize several business processes.

How does business intelligence solutions help improve operational performance?

Since advanced business intelligence solutions are equipped with robust features, they help companies spot red flags and potential opportunities in advance and determine emerging market needs instantaneously. As a result, the management can quickly tailor its services to excellently address the changing customer needs.

Therefore, a company can effectively monitor and adapt to changes in the market. For instance, based on consumers’ last behavior on a website, the company can recommend similar services and goods. Imagine having mistakenly cleared out your shopping cart, and now you can’t recall all names of the products you had added to your cart.

If the above happens, don’t worry because if the company had integrated enterprise business intelligence solutions, you can find those items or similar items once you log in. That said, business analytics and intelligence solutions specifically improve organizational performance by enhancing customer satisfaction.

How business intelligence solutions are used in conjunction with data warehouses

First, let’s define data warehouses. A data warehouse can be defined as a data management system designed to support and enable business intelligence tasks, particularly analytics. They are primarily intended to execute analysis and queries and often hold large chunks of data.

Simply put, business intelligence solutions rely on data warehouses as their primary source of data. Business intelligence systems and tools combine multiple data sources, including your company’s data warehouse. These business software solutions offer simplified querying algorithms, enabling you to analyze and visualize numerous data for insights and trends. The case is so because they use easy-to-understand dashboards and graphs, making it easier to generate reports.

So, let’s say by integrating business intelligence solutions with the company’s data warehouse, you will unlock the full power of BI.

How business analytics and business intelligence solutions befit business definition

With the modern business environment changing rapidly, data has become a fundamental tool for driving success in your company. Besides, since we’re in a digital era, you need to use the enormous amount of data generated from customers to your benefit. If you don’t do so, you’ll lose your customers to your immediate competitors who better understand their consumer needs.

That said, said you shouldn’t alienate business intelligence solutions when defining your business strategy because you’ll definitely generate data that will need to be analyzed to inform your decisions. BI enterprise business solutions will enable you to transform your data into actionable business insights that inform your company’s critical decisions.

Data mining and business intelligence

You can’t mention business intelligence with including data mining. Data mining involves a semi- or fully automated process of analyzing data to uncover inconsistencies and patterns. Some commonly drawn correlations from data mining include finding dependencies and connections from different data sets and identifying outliers in large chunks of data.

Data mining for business intelligence solutions is crucial because it enables companies to discover unique patterns utilized in sophisticated analyses such as predictive modeling. As a result, it has become an integral component of the business intelligence process, whose development is associated with the emerging big data trend in businesses.

New to data mining? If yes, don’t worry because you can learn more about data mining and its associated concepts from the ‘data mining for business intelligence solutions manual.’ You can opt to read it online or download it to your device.

Top business intelligence solutions

Here we compose a list of some top business intelligence solutions examples that you should consider.

1.Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle business intelligence solutions are known for their commitment to designing robust machine learning and reporting features used for data analytics. It offers cloud business intelligence solutions for medium and large enterprises. Its primary features include data connectors, predictive analytics, mobile app, visualization and data preparation, just to mention a few.

What makes it appear in this list is that its conversational analytics can hold up natural language queries. Therefore, they can auto-generate natural language descriptions to describe trends and visualizations.


The Board International integrates three fundamental tools: Predictive analytics, performance management and business intelligence. Although its goal is to provide a solution to its customers, it primarily focuses on finance BI. Its modules include HR, marketing, sales, IT, finance, and supply chain. One of its notable features that makes it unique is its language support.


Domo is one of the cloud business intelligence solutions that focuses on business-user-deployed tools such as easy-to-use dashboards. It offers SaaS business intelligence solutions and tools designed for various sectors, including healthcare, education, and finance. Also, it comes with roles such as BI and IT workers.

If you’re interested in this business analytics and intelligence solution, you can check how it handles your data from GitHub, Jira, and AWS. Generally, it offers an intelligence and information solutions business unit that can increase an organization’s ability to convert data into useful business insights.

4.Intelligence NTT Data Business Solutions

NTT Data Business Solutions, formerly known as Itelligence UK, is a UK-based SAP solutions provider with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The vendor provides a wide range of emerging SAP-centered technologies to support your business operations as well as the people working there. Therefore, if you’re struggling to integrate SAP-related solutions like business intelligence, you should consider contacting them for seamless services.

Do you need any certifications to handle business intelligence solutions?

Business intelligence solutions involve complex processes and algorithms. Therefore, you need to be a certified dealer in virtualization, data management, cloud technologies, and networking to qualify. Of course, no one would risk using a solutions provider without any certifications because companies outsource these business solutions, aiming to earn a significant return on investment.

So, YES, you need certifications to become a business intelligence solutions provider. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert MCSE business intelligence is one of the certifications that verifies your ability to work on Microsoft technologies. You can get certifications in cloud techs, networking, virtualization, data management and intelligence tools.

Final thought

In the modern world, data has become one of the most critical organizational assets. With enormous amounts of data being generated, you can’t rely on traditional data collection and analysis tools, as they are inefficient. Therefore, you need business intelligence solutions to get the value from the large data sets generated.

So, don’t let your business make hasty and uninformed decisions because they are costly. Always use these game-changing data analytics and business intelligence tools to inform your decisions.

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