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Why Do Companies Need Business VoIP Solutions?

Business VoIP Solutions

In the 21st century, you need to integrate modern business solutions to meet the changing business environment. With many operations moving online, relying on traditional communication methods like telephone lines can be a mess. Consider integrating the latest business VoIP solutions as they are less costly, and have extended functionalities, making them suitable for modern business use.

VoIP business solutions provide high-definition voice calls, audio and video conferencing, unlimited extensions, team messaging, cloud private branch exchange (PBX) with an automatic attendant, among other functionalities that an organization needs. These VoIP solutions for business integration with a company’s mission-critical productivity applications empower them to compete with other large enterprises.

Since VoIP business solutions use internet connection, it saves on costs. You will only need to use the already installed internet connection. This article will address VoIP solutions as a digital solution worth considering. So, let begin with the basics, shall we?

What are business VoIP solutions?

VoIP is an abbreviation that means Voice over Internet Protocol. It is an internet-based phone solution that allows you to make and receive phone calls through VoIP phones, mobile devices, and computers. Unlike traditional phones that use landline technology, VoIP solutions use the internet to facilitate communication.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself whether they benefit an organization. Well, yes, they do have many advantages, as discussed below.

What are the benefits of business VoIP solutions?

1.Reduced costs

Globalization and remote working are among one the most used growth strategies in the 21st century. As a result, people work from different locations, aiming to achieve a common goal. VoIP business solutions allow you to install one phone line that can be used for making long-distance calls.

Conventional phone lines are charged per minute, whereas VoIP charges monthly. These charges are usually inexpensive, while others are free of charge.

2.Worldwide access

Communication is essential in businesses operating with remote and overseas employees. VoIP business phone solutions allow remote utilization of data, fax and voice services,  employees’ ability to telecommute.

VoIP solutions incorporate advanced technology, which makes them portable. Therefore, regardless of the users’ location, they can communicate quickly and with ease. What’s even more interesting is that employees’ numbers follow them to their new location whenever they incorporate a change.

3.Simplified conferencing

With VoIP business solutions, there is no need for dedicated phone services. Therefore, conferencing is made easier. While traditional phone lines allow user conferencing, they charge for additional services, such as hosting several callers for each conference call you request.

VoIP business solutions offer additional features apart from voice calls. You can enjoy simple video conferences, quick file sharing during the calls, a factor that enhances the team’s ability to solve issues and conduct presentations.

4.Increased reliability

One of the main objections against VoIP systems is that if an organization doesn’t have an internet connection, its phones won’t be operating. However, this objection is a bias because VoIP phone solutions are easily forwarded to other devices such as mobile phones. Therefore, if the office phones are down due to various reasons like poor network connections, you can still use VoIP phone services.

This means that regardless of the challenges the organization is facing, including power outages or weather issues, your communication over VoIP is not interrupted.


High-quality business solutions scale with the changing business need. Unlike the traditional phone systems that are hard to scale, VoIP business solutions are easy to scale accordingly. They allow you to add new phone lines upon hiring additional employees.

Similarly, you can eliminate some lines in case you fire an employee. Therefore, you only pay for what your business needs.

6.Easy configuration, installation, and maintenance

One of the primary benefits of business VoIP phone solutions is that they are simple to install, configure and maintain. Therefore, users don’t have to be technically savvy to use them. You don’t need technical experts to run phone wiring across the office.

Instead, VoIP phone solutions are virtual plug-and-play solutions. Hosted business phone solutions with cloud-based VoIP technology and chat functionality further simplified the process of adding web portals and new users. The easy-to-use web portal eases the user’s ability to configure the phone systems accordingly.

What’s even best about VoIP solutions is that its maintenance rarely needs professional support. Therefore, its maintenance costs and requirements are low.

Best VoIP business solutions to consider

Knowing some of the best VoIP business solutions can help you make informed decisions regarding which brand to adopt. VoIP solutions offer services to both small and large corporations, making it easier to communicate and collaborate in addressing mission-critical objectives. Here is a list that contains VoIP solutions for small and large businesses:


These small business VoIP solutions offer services to over 350,000 small-to-medium-sized businesses, extending in more than 40 nations globally. Upon registering with this VoIP provider, you get a free 14-days trial period to help you decide before subscribing to the monthly plan.

The company offers affordable monthly rates. Besides, its cloud-based platform allows for integration with numerous business applications, including Microsoft 365, G Suite, and Salesforce, just to mention a few. In fact, RingCentral is ranked among the best top ten VoIP business solutions in the UK.


These VoIP solutions for small businesses provide full-feature phone services that come with a broad range of call-handling specs. It’s a remote-work friendly VoIP solution, meaning that the team can access and use it, regardless of their location. You can access it through the 3CX’s browser and mobile apps.

Despite the platform you are using, it takes only a few minutes to set up, making it cheaper and faster to install. To enjoy 3CX’s total control, use the on-premise hosting strategy as it is a hosted VoIP solution for small businesses.

To expand its customer reach, 3CX partnered with various VoIP solutions, including Dallas Technology. These solutions offer their VoIP phone services to specific regions. For instance, Dallas Technologies provides business VoIP solutions in Fort Worth, Highland Park, Plano, Frisco, and McKinney, among other areas in Dallas.


Looking for a smart VoIP call center? CloudTalk offers new-generation cloud-based phone services to small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), online stores, call centers, and startups. With advanced features like real-time monitoring and a free 14-days trial period, CloudTalk has established a name for itself.

Its charges are about $20 per month per user. Having two users? Don’t worry because CloudTalk doesn’t have minimum user requirements.

Its scalability makes it one of the best VoIP solutions for large businesses. This feature is evident because some of the brands that the company works with are large, including Mercedes-Benz, Fujitsu, and DHL. What’s even more interesting is that it is among the leading VoIP solutions for small businesses in India.

One of the key advantages is that it is a cloud-based VoIP business phone solution. Cloud-based solutions have numerous advantages, including scalability and cost-efficiency.


excellent. You can connect with employees and customers from any region using any digital device.

Some of its primary features include communication APIs that transform customer experience with programmable voice, messaging, and video, just to mention a few. Other features include contact centers and unified communications.


Zoom is a cloud-based VoIP solution for large businesses natively designed for the Zoom environment. It comes with various enterprise-class features that smoothen audio and video communications.

Maintaining business solutions’ security such as VoIP business phone solutions is vital. Zoom cloud offers secure HD video and audio services, making it one of the most reliable and quality VoIP solutions for business.

Its services are affordable, with the provider charging starting from $14.99 per month for every user.  What’s even best is that native macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS apps support Zoom. Besides, they have features to enhance the video and audio quality of this phone service. It features among the best VoIP solutions for small businesses in India.


According to Reddit customer reviews, Nextiva is one of the best VoIP phone solutions available out there. They provide highly powerful but simple phone services for large and small businesses.

The solutions’ call management system includes features such as unrestricted faxing and text messaging, unlimited calling, prompt conference calls, and call queuing, just to name a few. You can trust this brand as it deals with several renowned brands like Conan, Ashleys Furniture, and Taco Bell.

Are you worried about the prices? Well, you don’t have any reason to worry because Nextiva is affordable, with rates starting from $18.95 per month for every user.

Final thought

VoIP solutions for business play an integral role in an organization. The case is so because they enhance effective communication and collaboration between multiple teams located in different regions. With more firms adopting globalization as a strategic growth approach, VoIP solutions are becoming more critical to achieving common business goals.

Since they use broadband internet connection, they significantly reduce costs, especially those associated with international calls. Therefore, don’t let distance be a barrier to uniting your team. Take a look at some of the reliable VoIP business solutions and adopt one that suits your business needs.

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