Cash Flow Analysis In Construction Projects PDF

Cash Flow Analysis In Construction Projects PDF


This PDF will help you in understanding cash flow in any project and how can cash flow affect the success of any construction project. Download Cash Flow analysis PDF free.

Project Cash Flow Explained (S-Curve)

-Cash flow analysis: In Cash flow forecasting is the forecast of both cash in & cash out of the construction project.

Contract Provision that Impact Cash In


1-It’s An percentage (%) of each progress payment is usually retained by the owner in accordance with the terms of the contract.

2-The retention may be held by the client until the work receives final certification by the authorities, the client accepts the project.

3-Final payment is then made to the contractor, including cumulative retention.

Final Payment:

1-After the work has been done & all deficiencies remedied, the client makes formal written acceptance of the project & the contractor presents his application for final payment.

2-Under a lump-sum contract, the final payment is the final contract price less the total of all previous payment invoice made.

3-In all cases, final payment by the client includes all retention that has been held by him.

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