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Securing Your Data with Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

Losing your business and personal data is the worst nightmare that your IT team can experience. The actual cost associated with stolen or lost data is about $1.7 billion per annum. Cloud backup solutions can save you from losing your entire data in case anything occurs.

With more businesses moving to a digital world, data is becoming a crucial organizational asset. Losing it can have detrimental effects on the overall business performance, including business continuity. If you are struggling to establish a far-reaching approach to manage business continuity in the event of data loss, cloud backup solutions for small businesses are among the best choices to consider.

Don’t let data loss impede your business continuity. Here is a guide to help you understand cloud backup solutions, why and how to apply them in your small or medium-sized business.  So, let start by discussing what they are, shall we?  

What are cloud backup solutions for small businesses?

Cloud backup solutions are the services that back up and store on-premise applications and data remotely. The main reason behind adopting cloud-based backup solutions for small businesses is that data and files are readily available should a natural disaster, outage or system failure.

What are the advantages of cloud-based backup solutions?

You might be wondering whether cloud backup solutions are worth adopting in your small business. Well, worry no more because your company will enjoy numerous benefits related to such an investment. Here are some benefits of cloud-based backup solutions:

1.Faster recovery from disaster

With cloud backup solutions, your business data is available regardless of your location. As a result, you can quickly restore your business operations in case of a disaster or other security breaches that lead to data loss.

2.Easy maintenance and customization

Many cloud-based backup solutions for small businesses have user-friendly interfaces. Therefore, they minimize the learning curve while enhancing their adaptability.

3.No infrastructure investment

Small-scale businesses often have limited resources to invest in infrastructure such as on-premise servers. Cloud backup solutions help them unlock the opportunity for remote backup without any investment in crucial business infrastructure.

For instance, the cloud service provider handles various business applications and data. Doing so reduces wastage of resources as most of the providers offer a subscription-based payment plan. Simply put, you pay for what you use instead of dedicating a whole on-premise business server to handle data and apps.

4.Enterprise encryption

Data security is vital because once accessed by an unauthorized agency or individual, they can use it to gain a competitive advantage over the business or do more harm with it. For instance, they can use top executives’ personal details to authorized fake payments to their accounts, leaving the company in a financial crisis.

So, how does cloud backup solutions for small businesses help? Well, cloud service providers are experts in what they do and are aware of potential security vulnerabilities in the cloud. As a result, they adopt various enterprise encryption standards such as MD5 and AES to secure data before it exits the on-premise servers and throughout its stay in the cloud.

There is only one entity that knows your decryption passphrase – you. Always ensure that you deal with authentic cloud backup solutions for small business encrypted. Read more about quality business solutions to help you assess whether various cloud backup solutions are authentic or not.

5.Increased Scalability

In the 21st century, you need to adopt scalable, innovative business solutions to enable your business to thrive in the rapidly changing business environment. Cloud-based backup solutions for small businesses allow your company to scale its cloud needs without additional investment in software and hardware.  

Instead, expanding your cloud services is done on-demand. However, you are likely to pay an additional subscription fee accordingly.

6.Improved data accessibility

Unlike local backups, cloud-based backup solutions avail data regardless of the user’s location. You only need an active internet connection to access the backed-up data. Although restoring the entire backup from the cloud can be time-consuming, it is easier and faster to download a couple of files.

Now that you know the benefits of cloud-based backup solutions, let’s look at some top cloud backup solutions for small businesses, shall we?

Top 5 best cloud backup solutions for small businesses


IDrive is among the top cloud backup solutions for small businesses that one should consider. It offers constant data protection to the backed-up files and data as the user alters them rather than during scheduled updates. Therefore, the latest version of data is secure, ensuring that the user won’t have to redo the work, should anything occur as the work progresses.

This company supports various devices such as iOS and Android. Besides, it uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to secure the data stored. IDrive provides multi-leveled backup plans to its users, starting from as low as 250 GB to as high as 12.5 TB.

Its data backups are run from MS SQL, VMware, user PCs, Oracle, MS SharePoint Servers, Linux and MS Exchange. These accessibility options make it suitable to feature among the best solutions for home and small business cloud backup.


This cloud-based backup solution for small businesses provides a wide range of digital backup options. They include tiered file filtering, data compression and incremental data backups. The backed-up data is accessible from Windows and Linux servers, VMware and personal computers capable of using local network storage and disk backup, together with cloud-based storage solutions.

Similar to IDrive, Acronis uses a 256-bit AES encryption standard. Besides, it provides a Bare Metal disk imaging feature for scanning the full-system storage. However, it is worth noting that Acronis requires you to purchase a three-year commitment license.


This cloud-based backup solution offers easy-to-use services and extensive data center protection. Carbonite’s services include unlimited cloud backup solutions for small businesses, backup software and unlimited storage that can be manually or automatically. One can set the constant backup option, allowing this solution to backup altered and newly created files, reducing the required bandwidth.

While this cloud service provider manages the encryption, it allows customers to set their encryption key. As a result, they have total control and access and can restore their files with a single click.


Back blaze offers a user-friendly interface and unlimited storage, making it feature among the best cloud backup solutions for small businesses. It provides automatic and manual data backup options, letting users exclude folders and files based on their preferences. Therefore, it enables them to minimize wastage of space with insignificant data.

BackBlaze is a pocket-friendly solution that provides comprehensive data protection thanks to its sophisticated encryption strategies. Despite honoring such encryption measures, it requires one to contact the company before decryption. This feature makes it even safer to use.


CrashPlan supports Mac OS, Linux and Windows. This solution provides multiple customizable features, including protection and versioning for deleted folders and files, file retention and individualized information set features. While CrashPlan protects its backup communication using 28-bit encryption, it uses a 256-bit AES encryption standard.

CrashPlan offers reasonably priced subscriptions. However, its cloud backup services have some downsides, including lack of server and mobile device backups and inability to exchange files.

Challenges of cloud-based backup solutions for small business

While modern business solutions like cloud-based backup solutions for small businesses are beneficial, they have their challenges. One key challenge is security breaches. With everything moving to the cloud, the business data is exposed to numerous security challenges while in the cloud.

Hackers can develop and inject malicious programs to harvest your data. That’s why we recommend you various cloud backup antivirus solutions for small business to help you overcome threats associated with malicious programs like viruses, malware, and ransomware, among other cyberattacks.

 Top 3 cloud backup antivirus solutions for small businesses


It uses a multiple vector protection mechanism that protects data against risks across files, emails and web browsers. It offers a free 30-day trial, allowing you to scan for vulnerabilities in seconds. The company uses a cloud-based risk intelligence platform and scans the whole website thrice a day.

As a result, it identifies any potential threats within a few hours. It charges about $19.99 per year, which is affordable for small businesses.


This cloud backup antivirus solution for small business scans and eliminates lurking malicious software from your system. It scans in batch mode instead of individual files. Its charges range from premium one year at $29.99 to premium two years at $74.99 per annum.

3.Avast Cloudcare

This cloud backup antivirus solution offers multi-layered protection and a single, easy-to-manage dashboard that enhances visibility and the ability to manage its security. You can manage your devices in real-time, as it provides extensive security reports and summaries.

With its built-in, configurable alerts, you can get email or SMS notifications about security policy changes made on the dashboard. Therefore, you can update all the connected devices immediately, ensuring that all devices have the latest security updates in near real-time.

Final Thought

Cloud-based backup solutions for small businesses play an integral role in case of data loss or system failure. Therefore, organizations should consider adopting them as part of their business continuity plan. Doing so will ensure faster recovery from disasters and other additional benefits.

That said, don’t be left behind while others are digitizing their world. Join the crowd and stand a chance to enjoy remote access to your data.

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