Combined Footing Design Excel Template

Combined Footing Design Excel Template


Summary of combined footing design is shown in the following steps.
1- Select a trial footing depth.
2- Establish the required base area of the footing:
Uniform soil pressure is achieved by making the resultant of the service column loads coincide
with the centroid of the footing base.
3- Evaluate the net factored soil pressure.
4- Check footing thickness for punching shear.
5- Draw S.F.D and B.M.D for footing:
The shear force and bending moment diagrams for the footing are to be drawn, considering the footing as an inverted beam subjected to the distributed load. Column loads may be considered as concentrated loads to simplify the analysis.
6- Check footing thickness for beam shear.
Beam shear capacity is checked against critical factored shear evaluated from S.F.D. Depth of footing may be increased to satisfy beam shear requirement.
7- Compute the area of flexural reinforcement:
Flexural reinforcement required in the longitudinal direction is evaluated.
Furthermore, the areas of flexural reinforcement under columns in the transverse direction are computed. In computing this reinforcement, it will be assumed that each column load is uniformly distributed over a band centered on the column and having a width extending a distance d/2 from its faces. This area of reinforcement is to be uniformly distributed across the bandwidth (C2+d), and the rest of the footing is to be provided with shrinkage and temperature reinforcement.

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