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Building Construction Monthly Progress Report Samples


Building Construction monthly progress report usually done in all construction projects. Project planner always prepares the monthly progress report every month to show the progress of work during the month.

Construction progress reports are prepared regularly (Bi-Weekly/Monthly) by the planning engineer or the contract administrator during the construction phase and issued to the owner/client. They will generally be a summary of the reports received & discussions held at construction progress meetings.

Building Construction Progress Report Template

When preparing construction monthly progress report, the progress report must contain:

-Status of the project (Planned Vs Actual)

-A summary of the progress made

-Project budget data

-Cash Flow

-Updated time schedule



-Analysis of KPIs (key performance indicators).

-Lookahead schedule

-Progress photos

-An assessment of any health & safety issues.

-Any instructions required by the owner/client.

On construction project management, the construction manager or project manager holds regular construction progress meetings with the owner and consultant team, however, they will also hold regular construction progress meetings with trade contractors to discuss off and on-site progress against the time schedule & to coordinate the release of information. It may sometimes be appropriate for these meetings to take place at the trade contractor’s premises. Construction progress reports will then be prepared for the owner.

Monthly progress report format for building construction

This building house construction progress report sample is useful for Project Managers, Construction Manager, Planning Engineer

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