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On construction projects, the project manager holds meetings regularly with the owner and consultant team, however, they will also hold regular construction progress meetings with trade contractors to discuss off and on-site progress against the time schedule & to coordinate the release of information. It could sometimes be appropriate for these meetings to take place at the trade contractor’s premises. Construction progress reports will then be prepared for the owner. Monthly progress report format for building construction can be in excel format or word format.

Engineers or planners visit construction sites regularly, in order to take create progress report of a construction project. Therefore, they send out their observations. Why? There are often many engineers and companies involved in a construction project, so there is a constant risk of misunderstandings, mistakes, and delays. It’s called construction progress site reports, observation reports, monthly construction progress report, or construction activity reports.

Progress report format for building construction usually done in all construction projects. Planning Engineers always prepares the construction monthly progress report every month to show the progress of work during the month.

Monthly progress report for construction projects is prepared regularly (Weekly or Bi-weekly or Monthly) by the planner or the contract administrator during the construction phase and issued to the owner/client. They will generally be a summary of the reports received & discussions held at construction progress meetings.

This building construction progress report sample is useful for Project Managers, Construction Manager, Planning Engineer. Moreover, construction progress report helps when creating an EOT Claim.

Building Construction Progress Report Template

When you prepare construction monthly progress report, the progress report must contain:

Report Number

In order to be able to identify the construction progress report, a unique ID is required. Typically this progress report ID is a combination of the Project ID and sequence number for the report for that construction project, e.g. Project ABC-10. This means: “report number 10 for project ABC”. The unique progress report number is also easy to reference in subsequent correspondence.

Date and Time

In each monthly progress report format for building construction, the date and time should be shown clearly in the report.

Project Details

The project name, a brief project description, and the project ID. If someone gets your construction progress report, they will want to know immediately which construction project it is about, without having to figure it out. Often the progress report will also be sent to the client, and it shows courtesy and respect by putting their name and project description clearly at the beginning of the construction progress report.

Planned vs Actual

In each construction progress report sample, the planned activities vs the actual activities according to the project baseline time schedule.

A Summary of The Progress Made

In the building construction monthly progress report sample, a summary of the progress made should be written in the report.

Project budget data

The project budget should appear in the progress report sample.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is very important in any construction project, So the cash in and cash out should be presented in the progress report.

Updated Time Schedule

The baseline time schedule is the plan of the scope of the project and it’s updated regularly, so the updated CPM time schedule should be added to the progress report.

Lookahead Schedule

A two or four-week lookahead schedule extracted from the baseline time schedule should be added to the progress report.

Progress Photos

The progress report should be added to the progress report, this will help anyone to see the progress of construction works.

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