Create dynamic sites with PHP & MySQL

Create dynamic sites with PHP & MySQL


This tutorial shows you how to use two open sources, cross-platform tools for creating a dynamic Web site: PHP and MySQL. When we are finished, you will know how dynamic sites work and how they serve the content, and you will be ready to serve your own dynamic content from your site.

Learn how to build dynamic website in PHP & MySQL:

The Web is no longer static; it’s dynamic. As the information content of the Web grows, so does the need to make Web sites more dynamic. Think of an e-shop that has 1,000 products. The owner has to create 1,000 Web pages (one for each product), and whenever anything changes, the owner has to change all those pages. Ouch!!! Wouldn’t it be easier to have only one page that created and served the content on the fly from the information about the products stored in a database, depending on the client request?
Nowadays sites have to change constantly and provide up-to-date news, information, stock prices, and customized pages. PHP and SQL are two ways to make your site dynamic.

PHP: PHP is a robust, server-side, open source scripting language that is extremely flexible and actually fun to learn. PHP is also cross-platform, which means your PHP scripts will run on Unix, Linux, or an NT server.
MySQL: SQL is the standard query language for interacting with databases. MySQL is an open source, SQL database server that is more or less free and extremely fast. MySQL is also cross-platform.

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