Difference Between Job Title and Job Position

Difference Between Job Title and Job Position

The main difference between the term “Job title” and “Job Position” is that the Job Title is the name of the particular position held by an employee, while “Job Position” is a broader term that explains the entire job field or sector where many similar job titles exist.

Job Title Vs. Job Position

A Job Title meaning: is a description of a job, position, or designation and gives a brief understanding of the task. Job Position meaning: is a detailed concept that illustrates the entire sector of jobs in which many similar job titles are available. Job Title guides the employee about the duties and responsibilities. Job Titles are the way to organize the many positions in a company. A job Position is a field or industry that an employee wishes to work in.

Difference Between Job Title and Job Position(Occupation)

  • A Job Title is a name defining a person ‘s job or position, while Job Position describes the entire job sector in which many identical job titles exist.
  • The Job Title guides the job level as well as the job responsibilities; on the contrary, the Job Position aims to offer a general idea about the work.
  • The example of a Job Title is a Construction Project Manager, while the example of Job Position (Occupation) is a Civil Engineer.

What Is A Job Title?

What does a job title mean? A job title is a description of a given job, position, or designation. This gives a brief overview of the job. The job titles are the method of categorizing the different positions within an organization. The job title is such a role a company gives to an employee based on their qualifications. A job title is a way for a person to use his/her qualifications by offering services. He gets money in return which he uses to earn a living.

The job title defines the employment role and responsibilities. For example, the job titles include job titles such as executive, manager, chief, director, supervisor, etc. Many job titles reflect what the person is doing at the job, such as accountant, chef, housekeeper, programmer, supervisor of guest services, mechanic, etc.

Other job titles show job duties as well as job levels, such as the head chef, marketing manager, electrical supervisor, etc. Job titles are specific in that they represent both the job level and job responsibilities. Depending on their type, jobs may involve a specialized study. The job title also describes a career path. It is like a corporate ladder or ranking where, under promotions, the individual grows from lower steps to higher ones.

Job Titles Examples

  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Administrative Director
  • Administrative Manager
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Administrative Services Officer
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Administrative Support Manager
  • Administrative Support Supervisor
  • Administrator
  • Assistant Director
  • Audit Manager
  • Bank Examiner
  • Bilingual Client Services Representative
  • Business Banking Loan Administration Manager
  • Business Banking Officer
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Client Service Manager
  • Commercial Relationship Management Assistant
  • Common Trust Fund Accountant
  • Consumer Credit Analyst
  • Consumer Finance Assistant Manager
  • Consumer Loans Processor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Manager
  • Applications Specialist​
  • Assistant Director, Employment
  • Assistant Director – Benefits
  • Assistant Director of Human Resources
  • Assistant HR Manager
  • Assistant VP of Human Resources
  • Associate Director of Human Resources
  • Attorney
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Benefits and Work Comp Manager
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Benefits Counselor
  • Benefits Specialist
  • Benefits Officer
  • Category Manager, HR
  • Chief Happiness Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Construction Manager
  • Planning Engineer

What is A Job Position(Occupation)?

Job Position (Occupation) meaning: is a broader term that refers to any paid work. It is also defined as a sector a person wishes to work in. An occupation determines, in simple terms, the means of earning a person’s living in his field of interest. Occupation describes the whole job sector, in which many similar job titles occur. Job Position examples ( Doctor, Engineer, Laborer, Nurse, etc.).

Job Position includes the category of jobs or the field of employment. A person’s occupation gives an outline of his work but it does not provide a description of the position level or an employee’s responsibilities.

Occupations may also guide various fields such as marketing, human resources, medicine, hospitality, etc. Occupation refers to an activity which is routinely carried out in exchange for monetary values. If anyone wants to be a reporter for an online news site, then the ‘reporter’ is his Job Title, but his Job Position is a journalist.

Job Position Examples

  • Doctor
  • Engineer
  • Astronaut
  • Lawyer
  • Police
  • Policeman
  • Dentist
  • Veterinarian
  • Accountant

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