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Epoxy Painting Method Statement

This article outlines the process for using the epoxy paint for the project and guarantees that all persons involved know the sequence of operations, usage of resources and implementation of the work in accordance with appropriate safety and quality procedures and project documents and specifications.

Such works near the working area, the service access road or the discharge road are appropriate entities that may require protection. The construction team must ensure that these requirements are documented.

Surface Preparation

The concrete support shall be dry, sound, clean, safe and dust-, oil-, grease- and laitance-free. The surface must absorb molding compounds and release agents. Substrates to be cleansed with embraced, diamond grinding, water jetted at high pressure or acid etching. Abrasive blasting method.

Touch Up Floor Putty

Blow holes that occur in the substratum can be filled with floor masty. All cracks will return to the sound substratum by means of a suitable tool, then remove all dust and other impurities and then fill with a floor putty after a thorough cleaning.

Excessive floor putty should be removed to ensure that the substrate is level. Leave to dry/cure for 24 hours before applying epoxy paint.

Primer Coat Application

After the surface preparation is finished, all dust should be removed by vacuum, ensuring that all dust is removed from the substrate.

Mix the base and curing agent of the Chemiguard Epoxy Sealer thoroughly in accordance with the product technical data sheet using a mechanical stirrer for 2 to 3 minutes.

Chemiguard epoxy sealers can be diluted with Epoxy Thinner up to a maximum of 50 percent. Allow standing (induction time) for 10 minutes before applying to the substrate. Apply Chemiguard Epoxy Sealer evenly using a spray, roller or brush to obtain the required dry film thickness. Leave to cure/dry for 8 hours before applying the next coat.

The primer must be tack-free in front of the top coating. If the pin holes or porosities are evident after the initial treatment of the primer, re-priming may be necessary, especially on very porous concrete.

First Coat Application for Epoxy Flooring

Mix the base and the catalyst thoroughly separately, then mix thoroughly in accordance with the product technical data sheet using a mechanical stirrer for at least 6 minutes.

Chemiguard Epoxy Flooring can be thinned up to a maximum of 15% by using Epoxy Thinner. Apply the first coat of Chemiguard Epoxy Flooring evenly using a spray, roller or brush to ensure uniform film thickness as required. Leave to dry for 12 hours before applying the final coat. Apply the final coat of the Chemical Epoxy Flooring as indicated above. Allow to dry completely.

General Cleaning and Protection:

1- Protect the work of other trades, whether painted or not, from any damage during painting.

2- After finishing painting, clean adjacent / painted surfaces. Carefully remove spattered paint by washing and scraping to avoid scratching or damaging adjacent finished surfaces.

3- Upon completion of construction activities of other trades, touch and restore damaged or defective painted surfaces.

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