FIDIC Letters by Consultant


Fidic Letters by consultant, this book will cover these topics

Engineer’s Authority to Delegate
Notice of Dissatisfaction with an instruction
Consent to Sub‐let
Clarification of Ambiguity
Notice of delay in the issue of information
Notice of not Foreseeable Physical Obstructions or Conditions
Notification of damage arising from the transport of materials or plant13‐ Facilities for other contractors
Returns of labors and Contractor’s Equipment
Uncovering and making openings
The default of Contractor in compliance
Engineer’s Determination following suspension
Commencement of Works
Failure to give Possession
Extension of time for completion
Rate of Progress
Taking‐Over Certificate
Substantial Completion of Parts


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Suggested Contents
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FIDIC Letters by Contractor
Description: FIDIC Letters by Contractor Contains: Agreement or objection to assignment by the Employer 1.1(a)Request for written notification of the delegated powers of the engineer 2.2Dissatisfaction with an instruction of the Engineer’s Representative 2.3(b)Request for consent to sublet 4Request for clarification of ambiguity or discrepancy in the Documentation and possible