This Pdf contains the basic concept of biochemistry written in a manner suited to the broad spectrum of the college students. The matter has been lucidly presented, orderly arranged & profusely illustrated. References have been included at the end of each chapter in order to guide the reader to the classical & current literature. A few appendices are given at the end. These may, however, prove useful to the reader. Some illustrations have been adapted from standard texts, journals & research papers. The sources of all such figures have been duly acknowledged in their legends. The author feels greatly beholden to their authors and publishers.

Fundamentals of Biochemistry: “Life at the Molecular”

Biochemistry is a new branch of science which aims at answering, in chemical language, questions such as ‘What is the life made of ?’ and ‘How does it work ?’ Whereas the eye works at the gross level of visible objects, the microscope reaches down to the cellular level, exposing details of the various cell organelles, including nuclei and other particles. Biochemistry, however, works at a still finer level that cannot be accessed by the ultra-modern optical or phase-contrast microscopes. In other words, it operates at a molecular level and thus brings to light the hidden secrets of life. The rapid development and enormous expansion of every phase of biochemistry have not only markedly enriched our knowledge about the nature of life but has also made biochemistry the very language of life itself.

Realizing the paramount importance of this discipline of science, degree courses in biochemistry are now offered in a good number of colleges and universities. But the students offering this subject at undergraduate level come as raw hand, as biochemistry is not taught to them at the school level. It is, in fact, to meet the requirements of such students that this book has been written. Besides, the book may also serve a useful purpose for higher studies.

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