Future continuous tense expresses the action that will be ongoing at some time in the future.


  • tomorrow morning
  • in one year
  • Next Monday

Positive Future Continuous Tense

Subject + will be+ Present participle (+ing) + object


  • It will be raining all day tomorrow.
  • He will be learning English.

Negative Future Continuous Tense

Subject + will + not + be+ Present participle (-ing) form


  • It will not be raining all day tomorrow.
  • He will not be learning English.

Questions in Future Continuous Tense

Will + subject + be+ Present participle (-ing) form +?


  • Will it be raining all day tomorrow?
  • Will he be learning English?

Uses of Future Continuous Tense

  • To express ongoing actions at a specific future time. (She will be playing tennis at 10:00 am tomorrow)
  • To express an action that will definitely happen in the future. (She will be attending a seminar next Monday)
  • Time expression (I will be watching TV later this evening)

Future Continuous Tense Examples

  • She will be enjoying the holidays in December.
  • He will be going to the cinema tomorrow.
  • The children will be learning lessons in the school.
  • will be taking tea until 6 o’clock today.
  • It will be storming tomorrow.
  • When will the farmers be sowing crops?
  • Will not she be driving the car?
  • will be traveling around the world next month.
  • shall be reading the book.
  • will be taking the exam next week.
  • Sarah will be writing an interesting story.
  • John will be running on the jogging track the next morning.

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