Green Entrepreneurship Success Stories

Green Entrepreneurship Success Stories


Green entrepreneurship is the activity of consciously addressing an environmental/social problem/need through the realization of entrepreneurial ideas with a high level of risk, which has a net positive effect on the natural environment and at the same time is financially sustainable.

Green Entrepreneur success story:

Entrepreneur “A person or company who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods“ (Wikipedia)
• Entrepreneurship: a driving force in an economy
• Entrepreneurs: Contributors to technological innovation and new job growth Green entrepreneur
• Integrates environmental, economic & social axis in core business
• Innovative solutions to the way goods and services are produced & consumed
• Scaling-up of the business model contributes to greening of the economy

A green economy is a balance between economic, social and environmental factors through:
•Preserving natural resources and the ecosystem,
•Sustainable economic growth,
•Employment generation,
•Encourage private sector investments,
•Making the market work for the poor,
•New sustainable practices: clean production, renewable energy, efficient consumption, reuse and recycling, and organic farming among many others.

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