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Hire a Recruiter To Find You a Job: The Definitive Guide

Hire a Recruiter To Find You a Job

By now you have probably realized that job hunting is actually a job on its own except you don’t get paid. Albeit the absence of remuneration, there is no guaranteeing that your job application will impress any employer. I mean, your application format is up-to standard but there is no email or any phone call after the application.

The closest you have ever come to getting a job is just securing an interview but not an employment letter. Notwithstanding, don’t get frustrated just yet because there is an alternative — hire a recruiter to find you a job.

Job hunting doesn’t have to be frustrating all the time. Whether you don’t like your current job but still go on with it under the pretext of the frustration that accompanies job hunting or a fresh graduate looking for entry level jobs, there is always a window of hope if you can hire a recruiter to find you a job.

Various reputable recruiting agencies are known to be very resourceful in securing jobs for job seekers. The only question you should be worried about when you want to hire a recruiter to find you a job is how to find a suitable headhunter that resonates with your budget.

However, it is also recommendable to conduct your due diligence on prospective hiring agencies since conmen are on the lookout and are preying on desperate job seekers.

 After several attempts of applying for a job with no success, it is only natural to be desperate for a job but it only makes you a perfect candidate for scammers.

You can get hooked up with such people and find yourself paying for a non-profiting arrangement in the name of honoring your agreement to hire a recruiter to find you a job.

So how do you ensure that you hire a legitimate headhunter or a recruiter?

How to hire a recruiter to find a job?

A recruiter is majorly the middleman between you and the hiring manager. Most companies find the recruitment process quite involving and time-consuming therefore they prefer outsourcing such a workforce.

This is where a recruiter is contracted by a company to render their services in looking for employees to fill a position.

Therefore a recruiter has to be someone experienced in the assessment of expertise in a specific profession. They probably have a large network from which to navigate and select the best candidate for a particular position.

With the large pool of job seekers in the market, hiring a recruiter gets you a step ahead in getting a job.

Steps in how to hire a recruiter to find a job

1.Know the company and the position you want

Recruiters are hired guns by various companies to do the heavy lifting of evaluating potential job applicants. Therefore they always know who is hiring and under which position.

Getting in touch with a corporate recruiter of a specific company that is on the verge of filling a position within your bailiwick will save you a lot of time.

2.Position yourself in the radar of recruiters

This is the time you will want to update your LinkedIn profile to suit a specific job requirement. You can as well do the same for other job-hunting sites with which you have an account and drop your email and your phone contacts.

This way, you will position yourself in a vantage point suitable for recruiters to acknowledge your profile and contact you. Nonetheless, you can also join other networking groups subject to the position you are looking for and your expertise.

If your network of recruiters is quite small, you can always ask for referrals from your social circle of professionals that have worked with hired recruiters especially if you want to concentrate on a specific market niche.

3.Select the most suitable and affordable recruiter

Definitely, at this stage, you are probably getting calls from potential recruiters or better still have secured contacts of recruiters that are interested in working with you.

This is where it begins to get complex since you will have to cross check the reliability and economic manageability of every recruiter customary to your job specificity.

Conduct an empirical search on every recruiter you have in your database and find out their experience in the field. You might also want to know how enormous the organization that hired them is and how many vacant positions in your area of professionalism are available in that organization.

4.Prepare to meet the recruiter

The recruiter expects you to answer their questions adequately during evaluation. This presents a perfect opportunity to market yourself with values that accentuate your suitability index for the position in question against the rest of the applicants since you are not the only one in their cosmopolitanized list.

Therefore you need to work on your presentation skills to be able to reflect the character defined in your resume. Expect them to ask your value in retrospect to the position, your skills and accomplishment.

If you are looking for a job change, you need to demystify your reasons in a more amicable and professional manner. Consequently don’t forget to prepare questions to ask the recruiter as well.

5.Make an agreement on the cost of the service if it’s not fixed

Once you have cross-examined your recruiter and found his or her services satisfactory, it is time to negotiate the budget cost. Some recruiters have a room for negotiation unlike others which makes cost-benefit analysis essential when you want to hire a recruiter to find you a job.

Some freelance recruiters are actually not under the management of any company therefore you might find them proposing a less costly budget.

6.Conduct follow ups

Coming to an agreement on the terms of engagement with the recruiter whether to pay upfront or after, doesn’t finalize your part in job hunting. You have to stay in contact with the recruiter to update you on their progress in approving your qualification for the job.

Remember they have a legion of job seekers like you who are depending on his services.

Factors to consider when hiring a recruiter to find you a job

  • Expertise

The recruiter should be someone with enough information about the position for which you are applying. When you hire a recruiter to find you a job, expect the person to be able to understand the market niche for your profession and has foreknowledge in what can make you stand out among other applicants.

They basically provide the blueprint of what your dream company looks for in an employee.

  • Cost

You need to realize that when you want to hire a recruiter to find you a job, you must be ready to part with some cash. However, the budget has to be cost-effective otherwise there are many recruiting agencies with minimal service rates.

Each recruiting agency has its own mode of billing policies therefore look for what works for you.

  • Referral links

Before you hire a recruiter to find you a job, find out if there are people who have been successful courtesy of your choice of recruiter’s services. Ask even professionals for the credibility of a specific recruiter if you have to.

Why do you need to hire a recruiter to find you a job?

Job searching requires experience but even with enough experience you cannot ascertain that your prospective employer will notice you. Hence, it is rather demoralizing to continue sending applications that you are not sure if they ever get noticed.

This is just one of the many reasons why you need to hire a headhunter to find you a job as it is probably your best bet in getting a job today.

Therefore if you are still skeptical about hiring a recruiter, maybe the following reasons will convince you.

  • Saves time

You probably spend hours daily in front of that laptop applying for jobs with no success. However, when you hire a recruiter to find you a job, you can be surprised how quickly you pique the interest of employers.

Recruiters make it their primary obligation to find you a suitable job because it is their job hence saves you time.

 The recruiter knows what hiring managers are looking for therefore by linking up with them you increase your chances of getting the job at the shortest time possible.

  • Large network for job hunting

Did you know that some companies literally do not advertise for vacancies? Instead, they get their preferred candidates from third-party sources –recruiting agents.

Professional recruiters are always alerted by every company in their database that is advertising a vacancy. Therefore when you hire a recruiter to find you a job, you expose yourself to a plethora of alternative job vacancies that most job seekers can’t access.

The market is crowded with job seekers who are competing for the few positions available; therefore what you want is a variety of options.

  • Assistance

Recruiters can assist you in formatting your resume in a style that would be impressive to the human resource manager. Therefore when you hire a recruiter to find you a job, take it as an opportunity to master what employers look for in an employee.

A good recruiter will prepare you for the job interview if you have the necessary skills but lacks self-presentation.

  • Your data is stored in the database for any immediately available vacancy

Even if you do not qualify during the interview, when you hire a recruiter to find you a job, they will keep your data since you have been pre-enact ready for the next opening.

They use a system that is capable of drawing relevant information from your resume that will match the available job openings.


It is high time you take a different but otherwise prospective approach in searching for a job.

Many people can assert that when you hire a recruiter to find you a job, the primary objective of the recruiting agency is always to deliver even if not immediately because they retain your data and alert you as soon as they find a perfect fit for your skills.  

By implementing this guide, you won’t regret the decision to hire a recruiter to find you a job.