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How To Answer “How Did You Hear About This Position?”

How Did You Hear About This Position

Some questions are best left unanswered” Quote – Sonakshi Bansard.

Well, but not when the fate of your next job opportunity is about to get screwed up by an age-old quote.

So, how do you answer that one question that almost all interviewers ask during an interview, without messing things up?

You’ve got; 

  • Years of working experience.
  • The required skills and qualifications.
  • You’re a high-demand talent.

Yes, it’s all there on your CV. Now, how do you answer the question; “how did you hear about this position?” to win that job?

Here, on this page, discover;

  • Everything your interviewers want to hear and how to craft and present a job-winning answer.
  • Reasons your interviewers want to know how you found the opening.
  • Mistakes to avoid in your answer.
  • 2 proven job-winning sample answers.
  • 5 other ways interviewers ask the question differently.

Just what you’re looking for, right? Let’s get this on the road. By the way, check this complete guide on how to ask if a job position is available.

How Did You Hear About This Position Answer For Fresher

Not every interview question is a quiz. Most of them are asked to find out whether you’re the best fit for the position or not. Speaking of which, when your interviewer asks “How did you find this position?” Here’s how to answer to win that job.

  1. Be Specific And Simple; first, thing, tell them exactly where you found the opening. Follow that up with why you looked in that place and why that particular opening caught your interest among others. Now, if you can’t remember precisely where, be honest about that to avoid giving the wrong answer.
  2. Show Your Interest And Enthusiasm; remember, employers are more interested in candidates who are passionate about the job and interested in the company. Therefore, show them the drive behind your excitement about the position and the company. 

Is it a positive work culture? The limitless position promotions that allow for easy and fast climbing up the corporate ladder? Including these in your answer is evidence that you’ve taken the time to do research about the company.

  1. Give A Shout Out If Possible; this is what I mean. If the opportunity was introduced to you by an insider (someone who is working for the company), mention their name. Give a brief explanation of the professional relationship you have with that person. Tell for how long you’ve known them

Note this. Your employer is likely to ask this person about your character, professional experience, skills, and other qualities. So, make sure you’ve discussed everything you want that person to share about you before the interview.

How you hear about this role

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Answering How Did You Hear About This Position Interview Questions

  1. Avoid Making Unrealistic Claims; here’s an example. Telling them you saw the opening on a job board even when you know you didn’t can make you come across as a liar. That’s a big red flag to most HRs.
  2. Be Confident And Certain About Your Answers; how do I mean? Well, answers like “I am not sure” and “I can’t remember” make you appear disorganized. Remember, organization skills and emotional intelligence are some of the characteristics all employers are looking for in talents.
  3. Abstain From Appearing Desperate; yes. Don’t make it appear like you’re hunting for “any job” or “all jobs”. Present yourself as an expert in the position you’re gunning for. When an interviewer asks “how did you hear about this position” they are mostly expecting to see your passion for and expertise in that particular job.

Now, if you’d like to see a good ​​how did you hear about this position sample answer, check the job-winning samples below. Also, here’s a complete guide on how to answer what interests you about this job.

2 Job-Winning How Did You Hear About This Position Example Answers

A Great Sample Answer For An Opening Found On A Job Listing Platform

I was using the search engine on GlassDoor for the keyphrase “Email marketer” and out of the 5+ jobs-saturated result pages, your listing stood out. The wordings clearly gave the picture of what it is like working with your company.

The position was described in detail and your expectations match my experience, qualifications, skills, qualities, availability, and salary expectation. I was also able to check your official website to discover the existing hard-working team of geniuses who love what they do, just like me.

An Impressive Sample Answer For An Opening Found On The Company’s Website

I have been keeping your website on the radar ever since Pamela Dickinson, your public relations manager, published an article on LinkedIn about how great it is working with you. Her exposition into the healthy collaboration among the teams together with the images of the friendly facility has inspired my interest to work with you in the future.

Luckily, the future I have been waiting for arrived 5 days ago when I saw an opening for an experienced social media manager on your career page. I believe I have what it takes to move your social media outreaches/interactions forward and will like to lead your hard-working social media team.

5 Other Ways Interviewers Ask How Did You Hear About This Position Interview Questions

  1. How did you find us?
  2. Where did you find out about this position?
  3. How did you know we have an opening?
  4. How did you find this job?
  5. How did you hear about us?

Psst: see this article about the interview question; “why should we hire you“.

So, Why Do Interviewers Ask “How Did You Hear About This Position”?

Mostly, the question is meant to find out if;

  1. You have an internal connection with the company.
  2. You have a follow-up on the company and have been researching them.
  3. You are a great fit for the position.

Wrapping It Up

There you go. So far, I have explained how to answer the question “how did you hear about this position” without screwing up your opportunity. Also, for newbies looking for how did you hear about this position answer for fresher, I have shared some staples with you.