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How Long Does Lasik Last?


LASIK is a surgical treatment that involves reshaping the cornea of the eye to minimize the need for glasses or contact lenses. Because an excimer laser (a type of ultraviolet laser) is utilized, the word LASIK stands for Laser In Situ Keratomileusis. It’s similar to other corrective procedures like photorefractive keratectomy, but it comes with a few additional benefits, the most notable of which is a quicker recovery period.

What is Lasik?

Lasik is a short form or abbreviation of ‘Laser-assisted’ and it’s a type of laser eye operation. It is for the one who wants to change the shape of the cornea to reduce or take off the glasses and the lenses and to improve the vision.

Before they discovered Lasik, there was a treatment called PRK. We use PRK to involve scraping away the surface cells of the cornea before reshaping it with the laser. The healing process that comes after PRK was very painful and takes a few weeks because they can’t treat the two eyes at the same time.

Lasik is an operation or surgery that done in an ophthalmology office or clinic. They need first to put a type of drops, the doctors keep the eyelid of the patient opened so that there is no interference with the laser.

The ophthalmologist puts an ultra-thin flap on the front of the eye with precise automated instruments. The flap is gently lifted and the preprogrammed laser that for reshaping the inner cornea to refocus the eye. Because of the technology doctors can make this without any stitches.

The Lasik operation takes from 30 & 60 seconds for one eye, so you need about 20 minutes for both. The pain after the operation isn’t fixed it depends on one person to another but at the same time the procedures don’t take much time and you can get recovery quickly. In the article you will know how long does Lasik last and everything about Lasik eye surgery for clear vision.

How long does Lasik last?

Lasik eye surgery is a successful operation to improve your vision and it works with the most of people but Lasik can’t stop the natural aging process that you must wear reading glasses to improve your vision, so Lasik operation no certain years that you make sure that Lasik last it depends how old are you.

What kind of problems that can Lasik correct?

1-Nearsightedness: It means that your vision is very sharp when you look at things are close to you but it becomes very weak when the things are faraway.

2-Farsightedness: It means that your vision is very sharp when you look at things that are far away from you but your vision is very weak when you look at things that are close to you.

3-Astigmatism: It means you see burry while you are looking at anything caused by an imperfection in the shape of the front of your eye.

Lasik can correct these types of problems by using lasers to reshape your cornea. After the operation your vision become better and more clear and you will no longer using glasses.

How much does Lasik cost?

The average cost of Lasik surgery is around $2500.

Who can make the Lasik operation?

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You didn’t make before any surgery in your eyes.
  • Your vision has been stable for at least a year.
  • You have to be able to take one year off.

What to expect after Lasik?

You will have after the Lasik surgery these things it will improved over the week.

1-Hazy vision.

2-Dry eyes.

3-Sensitivity eyes.

The doctor after the Lasik operation gives you some tips like do not rub your eyes, don’t exposed to the heat inside the kitchen. When you go outside during the sunlight you must wear sunglasses.

Can laser eye surgery wear off?

No, but having permanent laser vision correction also won’t keep your eyes from undergoing other normal changes as your age. Farsightedness, Nearsightedness, and presbyopia can progress over a lifetime. So you should not expect that laser last forever.

Presbyopia is possibly the most common change younger patients experience after laser vision correction. Presbyopia, or over 40 vision, happens to just about everybody eventually. As we age, the internal lens of the eye loses its ability to focus on close objects gradually, even after LASIK vision correction surgery to reshape the cornea. While the cornea was permanently corrected through refractive surgery, the lens continues to get older.

Just as someone with clear vision will probably need reading glasses in their 40s, someone who had LASIK eye surgery vision correction performed in their 20s & 30s, may find they need readers in middle age. Often that individual can be a candidate for an enhancement procedure.

It’s very important to note that LASIK surgery doesn’t make presbyopia happen sooner or make it worse. LASIK can’t prevent these changes to the eye, nor can it protect from disease or injuries that could damage the cornea or lens – but it offers amazing long-term vision vision correction and freedom from glasses for people who qualify.

The Bottom Line

-The result of the Lasik operation will not remain for the rest of the life because the changing process in your body can’t keep the Lasik forever and the aging process as we know when we grow up the vision become weak.

-When you turn 40 you will need to wear reading glasses.

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