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How Specialized Writers Should Offer Their Services in the Tech Age

How Specialized Writers Should Offer Their Services in the Tech Age

The tech age is a time of great opportunity for specialized writers. With businesses and other organizations increasingly looking for expert-level content on specific topics, there is a greater demand than ever before for writers who can provide this type of writing.

To stay ahead of the curve, specialized writers need to offer their services in a way that is convenient and accessible for potential clients. Here are eight ways that they can do this.

Use an online portfolio

An online portfolio is a great way for specialized writers to showcase their work and make it available to potential clients. By including samples of their writing on their website or blog, writers can give potential clients an idea of their style and level of expertise. Additionally, online portfolios provide a way for writers to connect with clients who may be looking for someone with their particular skill set.

For instance, if a business owner is looking for someone to write website content, they may search online for “website content writer” and find a writer’s portfolio that contains samples of their work. Or, to find children’s book ghostwriters, a potential client might look for “ghostwriters for children’s books” online and through directories. Writers should be sure to include relevant keywords in their titles and descriptions, and they should also share their portfolios on social media and other online platforms.

Create a blog

A blog is another excellent way for specialized writers to connect with potential clients. By writing about topics related to their area of expertise, writers can demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, blogs provide a platform for writers to share their work with a wider audience.

For instance, a business blogger might write about the importance of content marketing, and a historian ghostwriter might blog about the process of writing a historical biography. And by including a link to their portfolio or website in their blog posts, writers can make it easy for potential clients to find more information about their services.

Join online communities and forums

There are many online communities and forums that specialized writers can join to connect with potential clients. These platforms provide a way for writers to share their work, receive feedback, and network with other professionals. Additionally, by participating in online discussions, writers can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise on various topics.

Some examples of online communities and forums that specialized writers can join include LinkedIn Groups, Google+ Communities, and Twitter Chats. There are also many niche-specific forums and communities that writers can join, such as the American Medical Writers Association or the Society for Technical Communication.

By participating in these online communities and forums, writers can build their reputation as experts in their field and make it easier for potential clients to find them.

Use social media

By sharing their work on social media, writers can reach a larger audience and connect with potential clients from all over the world. Additionally, social media provides a way for writers to engage with their audience and build relationships with potential clients.

Some of the best social media platforms for specialized writers to use include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. However, it’s important to note that each platform has its unique features and audience, so writers should choose the platform that makes the most sense for their particular goals.

For instance, LinkedIn is a great platform for business-oriented writers, while Twitter is better suited for those who write on a more personal level. Additionally, Google+ can be used to connect with potential clients and other professionals in specific industries.

Participate in online courses and webinars

Online courses and webinars provide a way for writers to share their knowledge and expertise with a wider audience. Some examples of online courses and webinars that writers can participate in include Copyblogger’s Authority Course, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Certification Program, and Social Media Examiner’s Webinars.

Additionally, many online courses and webinars offer participants the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion, which can be added to a writer’s portfolio or website. Sometimes, courses and webinars also offer continuing education credits, which can be useful for writers who are looking to renew their certifications or licenses.

Offer services on freelance platforms

Freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and offer a convenient way for businesses to find and hire specialized writers for their projects. These platforms typically allow writers to create profiles that include information about their skills, experience, and rates.

Some freelance platforms also allow writers to take tests that showcase their knowledge of specific subjects or software. These test results can be used to help businesses identify which writers are best suited for their project needs.

Join professional organizations

Joining professional organizations like the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) or the National Association of Science Writers (NASW) can help writers stay up-to-date on industry news and trends. These organizations also offer members access to exclusive resources, such as job boards, contract templates, and discounts on conferences and events.

Additionally, many professional organizations offer members the opportunity to connect with other writers through local chapters or online forums. These connections can be valuable for writers who are seeking advice, feedback, or collaboration opportunities.

Develop an e-book or white paper

E-books and white papers are a great way for writers to share their knowledge on a specific topic. These digital resources can be used to educate readers on how to do something, why they should do it, or what the benefits of doing it are.

E-books and white papers can be distributed through a writer’s website or social media channels. They can also be submitted to online directories and libraries, such as Scribd and Issuu.

On the other hand, some writers choose to sell their e-books and white papers on popular platforms like Amazon Kindle and Gumroad. This can be a great way to generate additional income and reach a wider audience.

In the current tech age, specialized writers need to offer their services in a variety of ways. This will help them stay ahead of the curve and ensure that they can reach their potential clients. While some methods may work better than others, it is ultimately up to each writer to decide which approach makes the most sense for their business. 

Therefore, it is important to consider all of the available options and choose the one that will work best for you and your business.