Recently a study was conducted on the people who won the highest prizes from Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the popular reality game show. What happened to the ‘overnight millionaires’? Have they multiplied their prize money many times by investing in business and shares? The reality was shocking. Most of them have gone back to what they were before. Results were similar in most countries where the game show was telecast and became popular. Very few of these winners and overnight millionaires have actually multiplied their prize money. Most of them have lost or spent their money in improper investments.

Don’t Think Like A Millionaire, Act Like A Billionaire:

Why do some men become millionaires from scratch, and others become broke from millionaires? It seems to be yet another mystery why self-made millionaires most of the time win back everything they have lost. Even if a self-made millionaire loses his money over the business, he often wins back, even more, to cover up for the losses in no time. The difference is really in their ‘wealth-map’. The map that guides every human being to Aladdin’s magic lamp or doom. It is something that every human being has within. The only catch being, few are able to decode it. And this is the reason why 90% of people fail to achieve financial freedom. It is the same ‘wealth map’ that pulls up millionaires when disaster strikes. Do you think millionaires never run into financial trouble? Chances are that they run into more financial trouble than most ordinary human beings. Dealing with millions and billions, their financial crisis, when they come, are equally towering in nature. Wealth map is something that cannot be seen or felt; it remains hidden inside our brain, and reflects itself in the way we think and act in matters related to money and wealth.

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