How To Argue And Win Every Time

How To Argue And Win Every Time


Argument: The ‘Hammer & Nails’ with which he constructs winning cases. The greatest gift is the gift of learning; not complete until it is passed on. The argument is the affirmation of our being. The argument is the principal instrument of human intercourse. Without argument, THE SPECIES WOULD PERISH. We must argue: To Help, Warn, Lead, Love, to Create, Learn, Enjoy Justice, to BE. The Art of Argument is the Art of Living We argue because we must. Life itself demands it. Because, at last, Life itself…is but an argument. It is indeed an ART. There is a technique; a mindset. But, EVERYONE can make a winning argument (anywhere).

How to Win Every Argument:

The Powerful Argument comes, not from disavowing our Divine Uniqueness in favor of someone else’s style, or values, but from tapping into the wondrous well of our own personhood. Why do we fail to win when we argue? The enemy is not the other, or our lack of voice or presence, lack of genius, wit, or words. We fail because we affix certain locks to ourselves, that imprison our arg., bar us from assuming a successful stance and adopting a winning method. We will identify the disabling Locks and the enabling Keys. The Locks are Yours. But so are the Keys. Let us learn how both to argue and how not to argue; to combat the powers of others and to empower ourselves; to recognize our fear and overcome it…to create, to sing, and to let our souls run free. Let us proceed with unrestrained passion in our play. Let us learn how to argue, and to win…every time. Learn to open the doors and free the psyche. Why Argue?

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