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How To Become A Flight Attendant?

flight attendant

Being a flight attendant is not an easy job you need some experience, some specific qualifications, physical qualifications to become a flight attendant. It’s not only related to serving foods and drinks but you ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers during the flight and after the flight. be ready for any inquiries in the plane, any emergencies

You need to start to work as customer service in hotels, resorts, and airlines to gain experience.

What kind of qualifications do you need to become a flight attendant?

There is no specific educational requirement to become a flight attendant but there is some qualification not related to education:

1. Height minimum 160cm.
2. Experience in customer service.
3. Fluency in English
4. Complete secondary education.
5. Ability to understand and follow the instructions.
6. At least 18 years or older who can apply.
7. Communication skills (can deal with the passengers very well.)
8. Being in very good health.
9. Visual tattoos not allowed to have it on your skin.

What kind of training or courses should the flight attendants have?

First: Get hired by any airline agency.

Second: After you get hired in any airline company you will have a training program at the flight training center the training will provide you with all the details about your tasks, duties in the plane.

Third: In this course, you will learn how to handle emergencies, including procedures for evacuating an airplane such as:
1-Oxygen masks
2-Flotation devices
3-Evacuation slides.

Fourth: The training course takes from 3 to 6 weeks and is required for FAA certification.

When you are about to finish the course program you will get an evaluation of your skills, character, how you acted inside the classes.

Well, after you finish your course training you get a certificate as a license to start your career as a flight attendant.

Flight Attendants Training

Flight attendants will receive a training course annually.

This training course may be paid or unpaid it depends on the airline agency.

Now after you get your training, your certificate you might think that you will start your flight immediately but not yet always the flight attendants stayed for one year on reserve as she will be on call. the airline agency will make a schedule for you to be on call.

The most important to be a successful flight attendant to have soft skills guide you in dealing very well with the passengers.

Duties of Flight Attendants

1-Demonstrate the use of safety equipment and emergency equipment.
2-Serve foods and drinks.
3-Provide instructions for the passengers.
4-Participate in preflight briefings with the pilots to discuss cabin conditions and flight details.
5-Reassure passengers during the flight.
6-Provide medical care for passengers if needed.

Career Advancement for flight attendants

Career advancement is based on being a senior flight attendant. senior flight attendants may be promoted to management positions in which they are responsible for recruiting instructing and scheduling.

Careers Related to Flight Attendants

1-Customer service representatives.
3-Retail sales workers.
4-Waiters and waitresses.
5-Emergency medical technicians.

Flight Attendants Salaries

  • The median annual salary for flight attendants $ 56,640.
  • The flight attendants receive an allowance for meals while working away from home.
  • Flight attendants always flight 75 to 100 hours per month and spend another 50 hours on the ground. Preparing, writing reports, and waiting for planes to arrive.

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