How To Get A Credit Card Without A Job?


Having a credit card now is very important for each person. A credit card is very necessary especially if you want to buy something or rent a new car or book a hotel. It is very risky to get credit without a job particularly if you don’t have any income. However, some customers do have daily income.

Not just income from a job. Many applications for credit cards ask for generic occupation or information about jobs and income. You can simply have to choose whether you are a student, a government worker, a homemaker, a self-employed worker, or a jobless person.

Some applications will ask your employer name but allow you to enter ‘None’. If you don’t have an employer you will see that these applications may not require employer details at all. If your work information is requested on the credit card application, you are legally required to respond honestly to the information.

Ways to get a credit card without a job


Having an income is very important. The credit card application would ask you your total annual income even though you don’t have to enter your job details you can use alimony. Child support or any other benefits you would like to earn to cover your credit card balance.

To calculate your total annual income, multiply weekly income by 52, multiply your bi-monthly income by 24, multiply your income every week by 26, or multiply your monthly income by 12.

2-Mention someone else’s income

If you are an adult over the age of 21 if you can plan to haveaccess to the income to pay your expenses. You can use someone else’s income on your credit card application. For example, if your partner regularly transfers a certain sum of money to your account.

You can use the sum that is transferred as your revenue or if you share an account with another person and you have access to all the funds, you can use the regular deposits as your income. If that person doesn’t regularly transfer money to you and you don’t have shared access to an account with them you can’t use someone else’s income.

3-Get credit card with someone else

There is another way to get a credit card without a job by getting a credit card with another person. You will have the right to use the credit card as a registered customer but without paying the legal obligation. When you are added as an approved user your income and credit history will not be considered.

Being a joint account holder grants you all the rights and obligations to use the credit. You can apply in combination with the other user even though you don’t have a job directly. If the other applicant has enough salary, you will be eligible for the credit card.

4-Try a secured credit card

Although secured credit card applications will also ask about your work and salary, you are more likely to be accepted for one of those credits cards when you have a security deposit as collateral.

For example, with the capital one secured Master card, you can have a security deposit as low as $49 for a $200 credit limit, depending on your creditworthiness the higher your safety deposit.

The Bottom Line

Before applying for a credit card without having a job at first consider carefully your ability to repay the credit card balance. If you are accepted for a credit card and you don’t have the funds to cover the expenses, you are faced with credit problems: late payments –penalties and debt collections resulting from the repayment capacity.

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