How To Hire The Best Coders?

How To Hire The Best Coders

It is always challenging to hire the best coders for a project. However, it could be even more challenging if you are a non-technical person or do not have the experience of conducting technical interviews. There are numerous details to consider, and even seasoned headhunters make mistakes at times.

So, how do you hire coders? Keep on reading.

How to prepare to hire the best coders?

Technical expertise is not the only thing to be considered when you hire the best coders. To ensure that you hire the right coders, the requirements of your project should be clearly defined. When you do a detailed market analysis and user research, you can create a better vision of your product.

Here’s how you can prepare to hire a coder:

Do some research

Whatever niche of coding you choose, you must conduct some amount of research. You should identify your target audience, your competitors, and possible challenges. Is your new project the same as your previous ones? Your consumers may not opt for a no-name product, especially if already established ones are available in the market. Also, not many coders show interest in typical or boring projects. If you have a unique project, you may excite more coders to apply for the job.

Determine the platforms to use

Different platforms make use of different programming languages. For instance, if you are building an iOS app, you need to hire coders who are proficient in Objective C and Swift. For android apps, you need coders proficient in Java or Kotlin. If you are looking for front-end development, you will need someone well-versed in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, while for databases, you need someone who knows MySQL.

Before you look for a coder, you need to know the core language required for your project. You should hire someone proficient in one technology rather than hiring someone who is average in several languages.

Have a feature list

Most developers will ask for a feature list before taking up the job. That is because it allows them to understand what tech stack would be used during the project and what the final outcome of the software is meant to be.

If you are looking for freelance coders or even if you are looking to hire an in-house team, you need to be clear about your demands. If you do not provide clear requirements, the final version of your software may not be according to your expectations.

Where should you hire the best coders?

When it comes to hiring options, there are three:

Freelance coders

Freelance coders could be the ideal choice for a wide variety of projects, from minor fixes to software upgrades. A freelance coder could fix bugs, perform software testing, integrate APIs, and do so much more.

However, if you have a large project, hiring a team of freelancers may not be a great idea. Lack of management and team fragmentation could make project completion a lot longer than usual. It could also result in the quality of your project suffering. If you want to manage a team of freelancers, you would need to devote your time or hire a freelance project manager. In both cases, you must spend extra time and money.

For smaller projects where you need to work with fewer coders, hiring freelance coders could be an efficient and viable solution.

In-house team of coders

Most large companies prefer to have an in-house team of coders to create or maintain software. They like to hire the best coders and keep them at hand because it gives them greater control over the communication and development process. Also, having a stable team means that maintaining the software becomes easier because they have in-depth knowledge of the codebase.

However, for small to medium-sized companies, an in-house team may not be a financially viable option. Coders, developers, and programmers are some of the highest-paid tech professionals. To maintain an in-house team, you need to shell out a small fortune every month, and that may not be a great decision for a new or small business.

Outsourcing companies

You can think of outsourcing as the middle ground between hiring freelancers and an in-house team. Outsourcing means hiring a third party, usually located in a foreign country, to work on your project.

The benefit of partnering with an outsourcing company is that you do not need to hire the best coders. The company usually has a team of dedicated coders ready to work on your project. Cost-wise, an outsourcing company will cost you more than freelancers but a lot less than building your own in-house team.

What should you choose?

Whether you should choose freelancers, an in-house team or an outsourced company depends on the scope of your project and your future plans. Every approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

Are you going to make frequent updates to your app? If yes, then an in-house team or an outsourcing company will offer greater control.

Do you have a small project? Are you on a tight budget? You should opt for freelancers. Just because hiring freelancers is less expensive than building an in-house team does not mean you compromise on product quality. According to NASDAQ, 43% of the American workforce will soon be comprised of freelancers. Hiring freelancers also gives you the flexibility to upscale or downscale as per your business needs. If you decide to hire freelancers, you can choose them from anywhere in the world. This gives you access to a wider talent pool.

How to interview coders for hire?

Whether you are hiring freelancers or an in-house team, you need to conduct interviews. Let’s say, you have found several coders that meet your requirements. How do you ensure they are really good at their job?

To choose the right coders, you need to check for both soft skills and hard skills. Hard skills indicate how tech-savvy a coder is or how proficient they are with a language or tool. Soft skills reflect their ability to communicate effectively, manage stress, manage time, and more.

If you are hiring an in-house team, you can check for the hard and soft skills of a coder during the interview process. By asking the right questions, you can select the right coders for the job. But, what do you do in the case of freelancers? Check reviews on the freelancer’s page or the website that you found them in the first place. Customer reviews are perhaps the best way to gauge the skills of a freelancer.


Hiring coders for your project could be challenging if you are not very technically sound. However, through proper preparation and research, you can ensure that you choose the right coders for your software project.

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