IELTS General Training Reading tests real-life reading skills, a complete list of these skills is below. In short, you will need to locate, identify and extract different types of information from a large amount of text in a short time and to do this you will need to skim and scan the texts and then read for detail.

IELTS Reading: Lessons, Information & Tips:

These skills and strategies reflect real-life reading so in order to test the skills needed to cope in an environment where English is the language of communication, there is a large amount of text in the Reading Tests that you simply don’t have enough time to read thoroughly before answering the questions. You will have to demonstrate that you have the relevant reading skills and strategies to survive in a general English environment.
The reading skills tested:
1. identify the topic, target audience and the writer’s purpose
2. identify and follow the arguments
3. distinguish the main ideas from supporting information
4. recognise the key information
5. locate and extract specific information
6. identify the relationship between pieces of information
7. distinguish facts from opinions
8. make inferences

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