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Introduction to Human Anatomy


Introduction to Anatomy: A broad field of science in which the body is studied at different levels.  The definition of anatomy (morphology) is the study of the human body or science of form; physiology is the study of body function.  As you study this subject pay attention to the theme of how “Structure Determines Function” 

  • Anatomical Terminology: The study of anatomy will introduce you to a large vocabulary.  It is as if you were learning a new language and mastery of this language is essential for your success in this class.
  1.   Pay attention to Greek and Latin roots as you learn the new vocabulary.  At one point Latin was the official language used in science and thus it remains today as a way to maintain consistency worldwide.
  2. As you learn this new language it is recommended that you create vocabulary flashcards pertaining to each chapter to learn the correct spelling and pronunciation (internet glossary) for each word.  Practice the new vocabulary   consistently and recognize that many different words   can be used to describe the same thing

Gross Anatomy- This form of study focuses on large body structures that can be analyzed by the naked eye, primarily through dissection. Studying the organs can be done as part of the regional anatomy (all the organs in a body region) or systemic anatomy (all organs relating to one system). Surface anatomy is the study or superficial body “landmarks” that reveal underlying organs.

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