Introduction to Pharmacology Basic Principles MCQs

Introduction to Pharmacology Basic Principles MCQs


Pharmacology is the study of the action of drugs. This field of study is very large & deals with issues such as toxicology, drug design, chemical biology, therapy & more. We’re not a major pharmaceutical company, but if you drug wisdom is high level then you should invest in this Pharmacology MCQs quiz.

General Principles of Pharmacology Practice Test Questions:

1) Which of the following is NOT part of the etymology of the word pharmacology?
a) Medicine
b) Drug
c) Herb
d) Poison
e) Study

2.1) Which of the following describes an agonist?
a) Any substance that brings about a change in biologic function through its chemical action
b) A specific regulatory molecule in the biologic system where a drug interacts
c) A drug that binds to a receptor and stimulates cellular activity
d) A drug that binds to a receptor and inhibits or opposes the cellular activity
e) A drug directed at parasites infecting the patient

2.2) Xenobiotics are considered:
a) Endogenous
b) Exogenous
c) Inorganic poisons
d) Toxins
e) Ligands

2.3) Which of the following would be a toxin (poison of biological origin)?
a) Pb
b) As
c) Hg
d) Atropine

Pharmacology MCQs

-This Pharmacology MCQs will be the best preparation for pharmacology

-This Pharmacology MCQs will guide medical students about pharmacology questions and answers

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