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Is Graphic Design a Good Major?

Graphic design means an art where professionals develop visual
content for messaging communications by applying visual elements and page layout techniques.
Designer use typography and photographs to satisfy the unique needs of users and focus on the interactive design principles of
presenting elements to improve user experience.
Graphic design is a career in problem solving and organization, the problem-solving portion of what a graphic designer does involves meeting a challenge our client generally tells us what the problem is without our thinking “I need to sell books”
Graphic Design is the working together of form and function.
That may sound like a cliché. But it is a recipe for success.
The form is half of what a designer is doing, we are creating or
choosing images that tell a story. This can be by great photography
or illustrations, themes, texture, form, or any combination of those
Graphic designers have been called in the past days ‘commercial artists’ the word ‘Visual artist’ is in my humble opinion still very appropriate and perhaps more clear.

Is Graphic Design a good career to join?

Yes, this career is a very good job but it needs from your high
qualifications skills. You have to work hard to get more connections
and a strong relationship between people to bring for your customers and work. And if you are going to make your own business in graphic design you need connections making a good advertisement for your place, flyers, Facebook, website, and Instagram. And in this field, it’s not only enough the education you need passion and to be talented.
Graphic design sounded like a brilliant career for a visually-oriented and creative person.
So to consider is it a good career or no it depends on you, you can
consider this, you just need to take care of some points:

  1. Never stop learning.
  2. Expectations are not always practical.
  3. Not all the graphic designers suitable to work on all projects when you have your business and you want to assign one so you need to assign one according to the design projects some maybe not suitable.
  4. Try to take the deposit from the customer first to start working.

Graphic Designer Job Description

  1. Design websites, brochures, posters, signs, books, magazine
    covers, financial reports, ads, and other resources for communication.
  2. Set the form size and style to improve text and picture readability.
  3. Check finals output for mistakes and ensure customer
    expectations are reflected in the final prints.
  4. Produce drafts for customer reviews and make revisions based on received feedback.
  5. Meet clients to gain an understanding of what they want the
    communications they propose to look like. Create or add diagrams images and designs to represent the communications theme and tone desired.
  6. Review mistake designs before printing or publishing them.
  7. Present conceptual architecture to customers or art directors.
  8. Graphic design is important for marketing and selling products graphic design is an important component of brochures and logos.
    Hence graphic designers also referred to as graphic artists or
    communication designers. They can work closely with teamwork or individually in advertising, promotions, public relations, and marketing.

Graphic Designer Skills

  1. Know how to interact with people very well.
  2. Time management skills are very important in this field.
  3. Can work with the team.
  4. Have technical skills.
  5. Creativity.
  6. Computer skills.


Having a degree in graphic design or fine art is very important and essential, you can find many universities all over the world that
provide good offers in this field.

Graphic Designer Salaries

New York:

Junior Graphic Designers average salary is $43,317

Senior Graphic Designers average salary is $71,127


Junior Graphic Designers average salary is $22,209

Senior Graphic Designers average salary is $39,968


Junior Graphic Designers average salary is $48,376

Senior Graphic Designers average salary is $79,573

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