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What Is the Job Description of a Sales Consultant?

Sales Consultant

Did you know Warren Buffet, one of the richest people in the world, began his career as a sales consultant? Sales consultants have the opportunity to thrive financially and prosper within their career. Typically, sales consultants are the supporting backbone to businesses.

Do you want to know the secret to success behind most thriving businesses? 

The trick is hiring a skilled sales consultant. A sales consultant exists to maximize profits for businesses. Using calculated marketing techniques, a sales consultant will help to promote products and services effectively.

Learn more about the job description of a sales consultant to see if this career suits you. With the proper skill set, this job can be very rewarding. If you are an effective communicator and have a knack for business marketing, consider becoming a sales consultant.

Sales Consultant Job Description

The job of a sales consultant can be gratifying if you are skilled in marketing. However, this job is not a simple one and requires an organized person who can communicate effectively. A qualified sales consultant’s primary goal is to help a business thrive.

Depending on the company the sales consultant works for, they could have various duties and responsibilities. However, a consultant’s job will mostly focus on maximizing profits and connecting with clients. This is done using efficient marketing and communication techniques.

A sales consultant helps to guide a business to success with the use of deliberate marketing strategies. Businesses need sales consultants to ensure they are functioning efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn about the potential duties and responsibilities of this job.


1.Manage Sales

A sales consultant is in charge of presenting products and services to clients in an appealing manner to gain more sales. One of the main goals of a sales consultant is to maximize company profits. This is done using calculated marketing techniques and strategies.

2.Create Marketing Plan

A primary duty of sales consulting involves mapping out an effective marketing plan for the business you are working with. A sales consultant should strive to effectively educate potential clients on the goods and services offered by the company. 

3.Upkeeping Client Relations

A sales consultant must make sure all client relations are being handled adequately. One of a consultant’s main goals is to maintain a positive company image. Usually, a sales consultant interacts frequently with clients, making them representative of the company itself.

4.Oversee Social Media Presence

Since social media plays a significant role in the business marketing world of today, sometimes a sales consultant must oversee the company’s social media presence. With this task, a consultant must attract future clients online.

Responsibilities of Sales Consultant:

1.Maintain Client Satisfaction

If a client is unsatisfied, it is up to the sales consultant to figure out how to shift this into a positive client experience. Consulting frequently involves interacting with the client, so it’s up to the sales consultant to represent the company positively.

2.Organize Sales

A sales consultant must make sure that all sales are properly organized. An unorganized consultant cannot effectively perform their job. One of the main goals of a consultant is to ensure the marketing is adequately executed.

3.Retain Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an important responsibility that belongs to a sales consultant. A sales consultant must be aware of how clients perceive the company. Having an understanding of client needs is vital to succeeding with this.

4.Seek New Business Opportunities

Sometimes the job of a sales consultant involves cold-calling and reaching out to potential clients. Seeking new business opportunities is essential for sales consultants wanting to maximize profits and gain new clients. This is the best way to help a company grow.

Who Can a Sales Consultant Work For?

Sales consultants can directly market goods and services to potential clients, which is beneficial to any company making sales. Many fields of business use consultants, such as banks, B2B companies, retail companies, and companies needing brand ambassadors.

Types of Sales Consultants

Business Sales Consultant Job

All types of businesses have needs that require sales consultants. From small businesses to massive corporations, sales consultants can benefit any business wanting to improve their marketing strategies. Business sales consultants interact with clients to make sales and increase profits. 

Retail Sales Consultant Job

A retail sales consultant works within a retail setting to communicate with customers and provide them with the goods or services they seek. This job position involves managing inventory, ensuring customer satisfaction, and increasing profits through in-person interactions.

Automotive Sales Consultant Job

Communication skills and slick marketing techniques are common attributes of a successful automotive sales consultant. An automotive sales consultant helps customers find an automobile that is suitable to their specific needs. The techniques they use should increase company profits and improve the image of the brand.

Independent Sales Consultant Job

There is the possibility of working for a sales consulting firm or starting your own consulting company. When creating your own company, you would work contractually with clients. Starting a consulting company requires you to be proactive with seeking new clients. 

What are the Requirements for this Position?

The job requirements for a sales consultant vary between companies. Some larger corporations prefer their sales consultants to have extensive experience and background education. Other companies are willing to hire entry-level sales consultants. 

A sales consultant should be proficient in communication and have an in-depth understanding of business marketing. This job requires organization and self-motivation skills. Being a sales consultant can sometimes involve cold-calling, so you must be persuasive to succeed.

Before applying to a company for a consulting position, do some research on what they require from current employees. This can help you familiarize yourself with the different requirements a business can have when seeking a sales consultant.


Many employers require sales consultants to have a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field, such as Business, Marketing, or Advertising. Having an educational background in Communications can also be beneficial to an aspiring sales consultant. 

An applicant with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) will be more appealing to companies compared to other applicants. Some companies will pay a higher hourly rate to consultants who have an MBA. Having an MBA makes it easier for an applicant to get hired.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that having a degree is not always necessary to become a sales consultant. Some companies hire solely based on experience, and many companies are willing to train the right candidate.


There are several certifications you can receive to succeed as a sales consultant. These certifications can be acquired online or at your local community college or university. Here is a list of certificates that can be beneficial to aspiring sales consultants:

  • Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)

This certification is given by the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP). With this certification, you will learn about effective marketing strategies and how to maximize business profits. Taking the courses for this certification will maximize your potential as a consultant.

  • Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP)

This certification is given by the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP). The course required for this certification will teach you leadership techniques and management skills. Taking this course will help you excel in a leadership position.

  • Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP)

This certification is given by the Global Inside Sales Association. You can complete this certification by completing a rigorous online course. This course will help you gain the skills you need to excel as an inside sales professional and consultant.

Can I Become a Sales Consultant with No Experience?

With the proper certifications or educational background, becoming a sales consultant with no experience is possible. Some companies will not hire applicants without prior experience, but it’s not impossible to find a sales consultant job without experience.

To get a job as a sales consultant with no experience, educate yourself on the ins and outs of business consulting. Taking online courses or attaining a degree in a relevant field can make you more appealing as a sales consultant to businesses. 

There is also the possibility of creating your own consulting business. This will require you to be proactive with finding clients to work with. If you present your consulting firm well enough, having no background experience will not stand in the way of you acquiring clients.

What is the Average Salary of a Sales Consultant?

The average salary of a sales consultant can vary massively. Indeed, the popular job search engine Indeed listed the current pay range at $14,000 to $173,000 per year. The salary for this position depends on the company the sales consultant is working with.

Self-employed sales consultants can set their own contractual hourly rates, while sales consultants working for a firm might have a designated salary. Education and experience also play a role in the salary of a sales consultant. 

Pre-MBA consultants typically make an hourly rate of $250-400 per hour. Post-MBA consultants usually make $400-600 per hour. These rates can vary significantly if a sales consultant is working a commission-based job.

Final Thoughts

Sales consultants are an asset to businesses wanting to succeed. A highly skilled sales consultant is capable of maximizing a business’s profits. If business marketing is your specialty, consider pursuing a career as a sales consultant.

Even with no prior experience, it is possible to excel as a sales consultant with the proper education and understanding of marketing. There is excellent potential to thrive within the career path of a sales consultant financially. 

Pursuing a career as a sales consultant is ideal for people seeking a career in the field of business and marketing. There are many opportunities for entry-level and experienced consultants. Having proficient communication skills and self-motivation will allow you to succeed as a sales consultant.