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LinkedIn Job Inquiry Message Tips With Examples

LinkedIn Job Inquiry

It was discovered that a larger percentage of employed people once used LinkedIn for a job inquiry in order to get information about their current job.  

So you’re searching for jobs and have resorted to searching for job inquiries over LinkedIn. That’s a great idea to start exploring the benefits of LinkedIn Job Inquiry.

What you just need to do is to ask inquiry on LinkedIn. Your school alumni organization, club, job, and special interest groups on LinkedIn have people who are generally willing to help.

All you need to do now is ask in the proper manner.

The actual fact is that seeking the assistance of your digital contacts requires a certain amount of expertise. 

For instance, a programmer who truly loves assisting young programmers with their professional development, and is also always pleased to assist his contacts in finding jobs in tech firms. He can only accomplish his mission through job inquiry post-LinkedIn. 

How to send a job inquiry on LinkedIn?

Sending job inquiries through LinkedIn is not a difficult task for job seekers.
You’ve probably been making use of LinkedIn to search for the best jobs and also connect with Recruiters. You know what? You are not alone! By 2023, LinkedIn will have over 600 million users across over 200 countries around the world, and recruiters will be using the platform to locate talented employees.

If you want to expand your network and interact with key recruiters in your field, you need to make the best initial impression possible.

You can send a job inquiry on LinkedIn through different ways, and they are:

1. Through messages

You can send job inquiry email messages on LinkedIn by following these steps:

– Fill/set up and customize your LinkedIn profile, including a decent and corporate headshot, keyword-optimized title, detailed summary, banner, work history with descriptions, skills, educational background, and recommendations section, projects, certifications, courses, organizations, and lots more. 

– Come up with a list of all the organizations/firms where you’d like to work; if you’re passionate about your job hunt, this list should be up to at least 30. 

– Using the LinkedIn search box, look for pages of the company and select the link of the employees to get a list of everyone who works for that company, from the CEO to the cleaner. Use the search option to look for specific job titles such as Recruitment Consultant, HR Manager, Head of Talent, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Recruiter, and Recruitment Manager.

– After that, you must choose the appropriate experts to connect with and send them a connection request. At this stage, you’ll need a basic but strong cold messaging plan to make sure your request for a connection isn’t ignored. They’ll become a first-degree connection if your invitation is accepted.
Note, when writing a LinkedIn job inquiry message to a recruiter, keeping it short and brief is usually the best option due to the fact that no one wants to read a message that is too long.

The most important thing is to include a “call to action”. 
 It is also important to use a catchy subject line and also a reasonable introduction when writing a message.

When individuals scan their inboxes, the subject line is the first thing they notice. Due to the risk of viruses and unnecessary material in emails, busy people rarely read them all.

The subject line and sender are the most important factors in deciding whether to open or dismiss an email. Because the subject line is your initial impression, you’ll want to make sure it’s straightforward and error-free.

The Best LinkedIn subject line for job inquiry is given below:
Be straightforward and include the keyword “job inquiry or job application”. 
Example: Job inquiry for the position of chief accountant

LinkedIn job inquiry message example

When writing a job inquiry message, it is important to use a catchy LinkedIn introduction job inquiry. 

Here is a typical LinkedIn job inquiry message example.

Hi, Mr. Smith. My name is Steve John and I’m an accountant. If you have a second, I would love the chance to discuss how my accounting skill and experiences might match the post of Chief Accountant I’ve applied for.

Thanks for your time!

Things to avoid when messaging a Recruiter

Here are the things you must avoid when sending a LinkedIn message about a job inquiry to a Recruiter

1. Avoid being generic. Change it up to keep the attention of the reader.

2. Do not write a long message that is solely about you.

3. Do not send brief texts that merely say “Hi” or “Hello”.

4. Avoid sending automated (cookie-cutter) texts. Make it your own!

5. Proofread the message before sending it.

6. Don’t be arrogant or demanding. Recruiters do not work for you; rather, they collaborate with you.

7. Don’t take it as an insult if someone declines your connection request or doesn’t react to your message for several weeks. Most Recruiters receive tons of emails per week, making it difficult for them to keep up.

LinkedIn job inquiry InMail example

Do you know that you have the opportunity to connect with new members and recruiters on LinkedIn using InMail

LinkedIn InMail is a mailing tool that allows people to send a short message to other LinkedIn members’ inboxes such as the recruiter’s inbox.

The free messaging version restricts your message to direct connections, group members of LinkedIn, and other invite inquiries, whereas the paid inmail version lets you directly send a message to members with whom you are not connected.

This is how to use InMail to send a message.

– Locate the LinkedIn user you’d like to reach out to.

– Go to their personal page.

– Below their headline and headshot, select the “Message” button.

– Fill up the blanks with your message for InMail.

– Make sure that each InMail message you send is unique.

LinkedIn job inquiry InMail example

Here is a typical LinkedIn InMail example job inquiry for an interview

Hi _ Recruiter’s Name_,

My name is _______ and I’m a __(Your skills)___. If you have a second, I would love the chance to discuss how my __(Skills)__, and experiences might match the __(input Job position here)__ I’ve applied for in __(write the name of the company you are applying to)__.

Thanks for connecting and I’m looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!

Wish you a great day!

LinkedIn connection sample message template job inquiry

Here is a typical Linkedin Connection Sample message template for job inquiry

“Hello, I saw that you work as a recruiter in __(city name)__. I wanted to reach out to see if we could work together in the future.

I’m a __(insert your experience and skills here)__ who is looking for new chances.

I’d want to see if any of your current opportunities are a good fit for me, and I’d be pleased to introduce you to other professionals in my sector.

Let’s connect,


Note, when writing Script for job inquiry in LinkedIn, prove your value to the company. The top job applicants are those that show their ability to solve problems. Contact the company about a specific position, and then tell them how your experience and skills may help them meet their needs.

Prepare informal scripts, which you may use any time you communicate with any user on LinkedIn, such as when you connect for the first time. Don’t merely press the button that indicates how you contact someone on LinkedIn when requesting a connection. 

Prior to actually sending the invitation, add a personal letter. You have the option of writing a message on LinkedIn.

How to politely turn down a job opportunity inquiry via LinkedIn

When a recruiter sends you a message, it’s to see if you’d be interested in talking about a particular job position. There are no recruiters that expect everyone they contact to be a good match.

Responding politely to the recruiter’s outreach emails may be the last priority if you’re constantly bombarded with them. However, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a great chance in the future due to rudeness.

Here are a few strategies on how to politely turn down a job opportunity inquiry via Linkedin inmail without jeopardizing your future opportunities. It is not necessary for your responses to be lengthy.

  • Express gratitude for the offer

Begin on a good note by thanking them for the opportunity. This is the place where you express your gratitude for their effort and time.

“Thank you for the opportunity to work at your company. Thank you for taking the time to think about me for this opportunity.”

  • Give a Brief Justification

Ensure that your explanation is short and detailed if you didn’t create a personal connection.

“However, I have made the decision not to pursue this golden opportunity.”

  • End on a positive note

“Thank you once again for your effort and time. I will be looking forward to an opportunity to work with you in future”

In Conclusion

Young people looking for their next job, learning more about company trends, or making important connections need to network efficiently online. 

Effective utilization of online platforms such as LinkedIn can go a long way in getting one of the best jobs in the world.

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