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10 Ways To Make Your WFH Experience So Much More Comfy


When working from home(WFH), you’re going to want to be in the best possible position physically and mentally. You obviously don’t want to become too comfortable as that will likely lead to slacking off, but there needs to be an element of freedom and relaxation while you get things done. 

Your job is to make sure that you get everything done in an efficient time. When you’re working from home(WFH), you can have good moments and bad moments – you’ll obviously want to limit the lulls and make sure you stay as productive as possible. It’s very easy to become complacent and lazy when working from home, so working on making the experience as perfect as possible should be a priority. 

The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be a huge task. You might overthink and try to create the most amazing space, this isn’t necessary. Here are a few things you can do in order to make your WFH job efficient and productive. 

Get Rid Of Any And All Distractions 

It is very, very easy to become distracted when you work from home as there are so many things going on that you’d likely much rather be doing. There are outside influences often getting in the way, too. Your home is usually associated with respite and relaxation with lots of different recreational aspects, so it’s easy to fall into this trap. Do what you can to remove unwanted distractions. Get rid of a few devices that might catch your eye. Ensure that nobody enters or gets in the way. You get the idea. 

Install The Best Hardware And Software

If you have the best equipment in your office area, then you’re going to get things done a lot quicker and with a lot more aplomb. When you have old PCs and old systems in your home, things can be very frustrating. You’ll actively want to work on the projects you have when you have equipment that works smoothly. If you have money to spend, then investing in this kind of thing would be brilliant for your productivity. 

Set Goals That You Can Follow And Stick To 

You probably set goals whenever you do anything work-related or productive. Goals are great for making you get to work. We all love the feeling of a challenge and we love accomplishing things. Small goals allow us to keep working when we feel as though there’s no point. Set goals for yourself and make sure you complete them. Don’t make them too easy or too hard as your interest won’t really be there.

Keep The Temperatures At The Right Level

If you’re too hot, then it’s going to make work a lot more difficult. Nobody can be bothered when things are sweaty and awkward. The same applies to working in an office that is too cold. Ensure your AC unit and heating systems are up to scratch so that you can work in heavenly bliss. Think also about installing things like shutters so that you can keep in or out depending on the situation. Places like Shuttercraft can provide you with these kinds of products. They also look nice, which is an added bonus. 

Make The Home Office Professional And Pretty

If the office is good-looking, then it’s going to make you want to be in it more often. We enjoy working in areas that make us feel better. If you have a boring or unhygienic home, then it’s not going to make you very happy when you have lots of things on your plate. There are plenty of home office design tips around that you could read through if you need to. Just ensure you have a tidy and presentable space because it’s going to put you in a better headspace before, during, and after work. 

Allow Breaks When You Need

You’re not supposed to work flat-out every single working day. It would be great if we were able to as we’d all get so much more done and we’d probably all be a lot wealthier. It’s just not how humans work, though. When you WFH, it can be easy to feel guilty for taking breaks. Breaks should be taken, however. When you simply cannot work any longer – take five or ten minutes away. You’re isolated in your own study, so you should get a little respite when you can. Don’t take too many, however, or you’ll fall into a trap.

Get The Best Possible Chair 

You’re going to be sitting down a lot, so you’re going to want to make sure that you find the best possible thing to rest your backside on. By no means are you going to have a terrible time if you work in a less than desirable chair, but you may as well use something that helps your butt out!

Ensure You Have Lines Of Communication With Everyone Important

Obviously, if you’re not in an office and not working alongside others, you’re going to want to make sure you can get in touch with the right people as quickly as possible. Communication is important when trying to get a job done, so ensure you have the numbers and addresses of your contacts. 

Keep Yourself Energized For As Long As You Work 

When you’re deep into work, it can make you lose track of time. In doing so, you might forget to eat or not take in as much water as you’d like. This can lead to headaches and all kinds of stress. So, do what you can to plan out your meals and keep hydrated while you do your thing. 

Think About Lighting And Colours

Color psychology can play a huge part in how we feel and the actions we take. If you have a workspace that makes you feel a lot better, then you’re obviously going to get a lot more done. You don’t have to become an experienced painter and decorator, but having the right colors painted on your walls will make a big difference. The same goes for any added extras or the desk/gadgets you have in front of you. 

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