Medical Biochemistry Lecture Notes

Medical Biochemistry Lecture Notes


Medical biochemistry is an essential component of the curriculum for all categories of health professionals. Contemporary Biochemistry plays a crucial role in the Medical field, be it metabolic pathways, storage diseases, mechanism action of varied biomolecules or inter & intracellular communications.

Biochemistry Lecture Notes & Study Materials:

A lecture note on Medical biochemistry integrates and summarizes the essentials of the core subject. Topics are carefully selected to cover the essential areas of the subject for graduate level of Health Sciences. The chapters are organized around the following major themes:

1. The conformation of bio-molecules, structure and their relationship to biological activity
2. synthesis and degradation of major metabolites
3. Production and storage of energy
4. Bio-catalysts and their application
5. Inter-cellular communication by hormones
6. Molecular events in gene expression and regulation

Body proteins perform a large number of functions. One such unique function is, they act as biological catalysts (Enzymes). They are responsible for highly complex reactions. They direct the metabolic events and exhibit specificity toward substrates, regulate the entire metabolism. Thus, they play a key role in the degradation & synthesis of nutrients, biomolecules etc. The most important diagnostic procedures involve an assay of enzymes. They assist to know damaged tissues, the extent of tissue damage, helps to monitor the course of the disease and used as a therapeutic means of diagnosing a vast array of diseases.

Amino acids and Proteins
Living systems are made up of Proteins.T hey are the dehydration polymers of amino acids. Each amino acid residue is joined by a peptide linkage to form proteins. Proteins are the molecular instruments in which genetic information is expressed, Hormones, Antibodies, transporters, the lens protein, the architectural framework of our tissues and a myriad of substances having distinct biological activities are derived. The type, nature & number of amino acids impart characteristic properties to the proteins.

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