MEP Plumbing activities

MEP Planning Activities | Construction Plumbing Activities

Activities For Plumbing Network

Underground Plumbing Activities

-Underground piping

-Putting sleeves in concrete slabs

-Embedded pipes in concrete slabs

First Fix Plumbing Activities

-Cutting and chasing in the block wall

-Putting pipes in the block wall

Second Fix Plumbing Activities (Typical Floor In Tower)

-Horizontal drainage piping

-Horizontal water supply piping

-Vertical Water supply pipes (Riser)

-Vertical drainage pipes (Riser)

-Floor Drain (Trap)

-Water Heater Installation

-Shower Tray/ Bath Tub Installation

Second Fix Activities (Basement/Mechanical Floor/Roof)

-Sewage Lift Pump Installation and Piping

-Water Transfer Pump Installation and Piping

-Water booster pump Installation and Piping

-Installation Of Water Tank and connection

Final Fix Activities 

-Sanitary Ware Installation

-Installation of Water Meter

Testing and Pre-Commissioning 

-Pre-Commissioning Of Water Transfer and Booster pumps

– Pre-Commissioning Of Water heater

-Roof Water Tank Fillup

-Flushing and checking leaks in water supply pipes

-Flushing and checking leaks in drainage pipes

-Flow test on drainage riser

Commissiong & Handing Over

-Testing and Commissioning Of Water Transfer and Booster pumps

-Testing and Commissioning Of Water heater

-Testing and Commissioning Of bathtub and sanitary ware

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