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MEP Construction Engineering Planning Manual [PDF]

MEP Engineering 

This MEP handbook Planning Manual “PDF” is very important as it’s necessary for construction projects to prepare a realistic time schedule, As we are aware MEP activities are very important for successful delivering any construction project. This MEP Construction Engineering  Manual highlighting all MEP activities for typical high rise building, tower & villa. This MEP Project Management Plan “PDF” manual is very essential in understanding how to manage MEP works in construction.

The MEP Planning Manual Guide Contains:

Part I: MEP Activity Details

Part II: MEP Method Statement

The Main Purpose of MEP Planning Manual

The main purpose of the MEP Manual is to prepare a time schedule for works with detailed activities for all MEP works integrated with civil works.

Content Of Building Service Planning Manual:

Part I:

1-MEP Construction Activity List

2-MEP Activity Flow Diagram

3-MEP And Civil Activity Interface- Graphical

4-MEP And Civil Activity Interface- Tabular

5-MEP Activity Production Rate

6-Material Procurement


Part II:

1-Method Statement For Electrical Installation

2-Method Statement For Mechanical (HVAC) Installation

3-Method Statement For Plumbing Installation

4-Method Statement For Fire Fighting Installation

MEP Guide For Planning Engineers PDF

-The MEP Engineering handbook guide for planning engineers is very useful to understand the sequence of MEP activities and the overlapping between civil and MEP activities

Construction MEP Planning Activities

Milestones For Tower:

1-Temporary Power Availability

2-Drainage Connection

3-Water Availability

4-Civil Defence Inspection

5-Authority Inspection For Electrical Works

6-Permanent Power Availability

7-Chilled Water Availability

MEP Engineering Basics | MEP Construction Sequence

We had the section below in MEP works to monitor the progress of the site:

  • Slab Works – Any Work in the Slab – like Electrical Conduit Laying, Sleeve for Pipes & Ducts.
  • MEP 1st Fix – Anything on the Blockwork before Plastering – usually Pipework, Conduit Works, GI Box, Sleeves, Drainage Work in Toilet, Kitchen after which the plastering would be done.
  • MEP 2nd Fix – Anything before the false ceiling works- like Wire Pulling, Support Work, Pipe Work – Water, Drainage, Chilled Water Pipes, Including Pressure Test. Water Heater Installation, GI Conduit, Cable Tray, Cable Pulling, Fire Fighting Pipe Work, FCU fixing, Ducting, DB, MDB Wiring and Termination
  • MEP 3rd Fix – After False Ceiling is Done – Light fixture Installation, Switch Board, Grills & Diffusers for HVAC, Toilet Fixtures fire fighting sprinklers & all other finishing works.
  • Pre-Commissioning of MEP construction works
  • Commissioning

Download Manual PDF

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