Monthly Cash Flow Template For Construction Projects [XLS]

In this monthly S-Curve (cash flow) template excel, you can create s-curve cash flow for any construction project

Free Cash Flow Template

-Cash Flow S-Curve excel template can be used for tracking cash in and cash out

-Cash Flow S-Curve excel template shows the needed cash every month

Monthly Cash Flow Plan

-In order to make a workable project plan, the resources needed for the project & their availability must be checked.

-Money is one of the most important resources.

-Cash flow forecasting for the project is required to determine whether or not the funds to execute the plan are available.

-Cash flow forecasting is the forecasting of both cash in &  cash out of the project.

Cash In

-Project construction contracts typically require the client to make progress payments of the contract amount to the prime contractor as the work progresses.

-Cash in = Cash receipt = Income

Main components of cash in

Value of work: actually performed in the field. Depending on the type of contract, the total value of the work done up to date is obtained in different ways.

Storage of Material: on the construction site, but not yet incorporated into work, as well as any prefabrication or pre-assembly work that the contractor may have done at some location other than the job site.

Cash Out

-Construction projects can make substantial demands on the cash of the contractor.

-Cash-out = payment of costs = expense

Main components of cash out

  • “Up-front” costs = initial expenses = start-up costs are costs necessary to start the project such as costs of moving in workers & equipment; erecting field offices, fences, storage sheds, job layout; installation of water, temporary electrical, telephone, sanitary & other services; bonds; permits &  project insurance.
  • Payment of direct job costs. These include costs associated with materials, payrolls, equipment & subcontractor payments.
  • Payments for filed overhead expense & tax.
  • A cash flow S-curve is a smooth curve that is used to represent contract cash out

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