New Features In Photoshop CS6 And Advanced Tools [PDF]


This PDF is a continuation of the Photoshop I lesson plan. It focuses on some of the new features as well as several more advanced techniques for photo manipulation layers, filters & other tools. This information is invaluable to your knowledge as Technology Consultants because not only do users generally work with layers & other advanced manipulation tools will also be curious about the new version of Photoshop & what new features and tools they can take advantage of. Additionally, your understanding of these more advanced tools can be applied to any photo manipulation you do in your personal life. For a complete list of features new to Photoshop CS6.

After completing this lesson plan, you will be able to:
Use Bridge
1.Review mode (batch editing and rating pictures)
2.Narrowing photo selection
3.Transferring to Photoshop

Use Image Editing Tools (Image Adjustments)
1.Levels (technical definition and demonstration)
2.Curves (technical definition and demonstration)
3.The downside to using brightness and contrast

Use Content Aware
1.Spot healing brush (remove an object)
2.Content-Aware (using selection tools to remove an object)

Create Compilation Posters through Manipulation and Masking
1.Isolate elements (using layer masks)
2.Create backgrounds (gradient on layer mask)
3.Combine elements (use transform and perspective)
4.Shadowing (make shadows using blur and transform)

•At Labs Training Program 
1.Insert/modify text
2.Crop canvas

Hipsterize Photos
o Photoshop Actions:
2.Instagram style photos

o Filters
1.Field blur vs iris blur

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