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Oracle Primavera P6 Hot Keys Shortcuts And Commands

Primavera P6 shortcuts

Primavera P6 Commands Shortcuts

In Oracle Primavera P6, there are many Hot Key shortcuts commands that can save valuable time & often users are unaware of them all. It’s very rewarding to see how a few simple Primavera P6 Tips and tricks have such a big impact on user’s productivity.

So, here’s a list of Hot Key of Primavera P6 shortcuts commands

1-File Menu = ALT + F

2-Edit Menu = ALT + E

3-View Menu = ALT + V

4-Tools Menu = ALT + T

5-Help Menu = ALT + H

6-New Project = CTRL + N

7-Open Project = CTRL + O

8-Print = CTRL + P

9-Exit = ALT + F4

10-Commit = F10

11-Refresh = F5

12-Cut Activity = CTRL + X

13-Paste Activity = CTRL + V

14-Undo = CTRL + Z

15-Delete Activity = Del

16-Find = CTRL+F

17-Fnd Next= F3

18- Replace = CTRL+R

19-Close Open Project = CTRL+ W

20- Commit = F10

21-Schedule = F9

22- Refersh = F5

23-Delete = Del

24-Fill Down= CTRL+E

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