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Oracle Primavera P6 Hot Keys Shortcuts And Commands

Primavera P6 shortcuts

In Primavera P6, there are many Hot Key shortcuts commands that can save valuable time & often users are unaware of them all. It’s very rewarding to see how a few simple Primavera P6 Tips and tricks have such a big impact on the user’s productivity.

Primavera P6 Commands Shortcuts

So, here’s a list of Hot Key of Primavera P6 shortcuts commands

1-File Menu = ALT + F

2-Edit Menu = ALT + E

3-View Menu = ALT + V

4-Tools Menu = ALT + T

5-Help Menu = ALT + H

6-New Project = CTRL + N

7-Open Project = CTRL + O

8-Print = CTRL + P

9-Exit = ALT + F4

10-Commit = F10

11-Refresh = F5

12-Cut Activity = CTRL + X

13-Paste Activity = CTRL + V

14-Undo = CTRL + Z

15-Delete Activity = Del

16-Find = CTRL+F

17-Find Next= F3

18- Replace = CTRL+R

19-Close Open Project = CTRL+ W

20- Commit = F10

21-Schedule = F9

22- Refersh = F5

23-Delete = Del

24-Fill Down= CTRL+E


26-Spell Check= F7

27-Exand All= Ctrl +

28-Collapse All= Ctrl –

29-Reorganize=Shift F2

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