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Types of Percent Complete Fields In Primavera P6

In this article, you learn about Percent Complete Fields in Primavera P6 (Duration Percent % Complete, Unit Percent % Complete and Physical Percent % Complete)

Types of Percent Complete Fields In Primavera P6

1-The Duration % Complete

You may expect Duration % Complete to use a formula similar to the following:
Duration % Complete (Not used in P6)=[Actual Duration] / [Planned Duration]

Duration % Complete (Used in P6) = ( [Original Duration] – [Remaining Duration] ) / [Original Duration]

If the Remaining Duration is greater than Original Duration, the result would be a negative value, but the Duration % Complete will be zero.

Example: We have an activity with an original duration of 30 days. 20 days have passed & we estimate it to finish in 23 days (yes, it’s much longer than we expected initially).  The Original Duration does not change automatically after the activity’s start.

Original Duration: 30d
Actual Duration: 20d
Remaining Duration: 23d

[Duration % Complete] = (30-23)/30 = 23.3%

While the intuitive Duration % Complete = [Actual Duration] / ( [Actual Duration] + [Remaining Duration] )

20/(20+23) = 46.5%

How to Use Duration Percent Complete in Primavera P6:

When you enter a value for a percent complete field in Primavera P6 in the Activity % Complete column or directly into the Duration % Complete column. Primavera will automatically calculate the Remaining Duration for this activity. Or you can enter the Remaining Duration value and let Primavera P6 calculate the percentage.

2-The Units % Complete

When you add Assignments and Expenses to Activities, the budgeted units will be calculated; when you add actual units, the combination of planned and actual units will make the Units % Complete through this simple and intuitive formula

Units % Complete(Used in P6) = [Actual Units] / ( [Actual Units] + [Remaining Units] )

3-The Physical % Complete

Units % Complete &  Duration % Complete is not appropriate for some Activities; in this case, you can use Physical % Complete. The value of this field shapes in one of these ways:
1-By manually entered values
2-By Activity Steps
Values should be entered manually, these values are determined by expert judgment or by parameters external to the schedule. Steps are predefined progress milestones.

How To Calculate Schedule Percent Complete In Primavera P6 Video

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