Pharmacology & Dental Material MCQs

Pharmacology & Dental Material MCQs


Dental material is an important subject for dental students. It mainly deals with the materials used in both practical and laboratory dentistry. It gives an insight into the physical-chemical & the mechanical properties of the materials that are used in dentistry.


01. The steady-state concentration of a drug can be double by:

a. Doubling both rates of infusion and concentration of the drug.

b. Doubling the rate of infusion only.

c. Doubling the loading dose but maintaining the infusion rate.

d. Tripling the rate of infusion.

e. Duadrupling the rate of infusion.

Key: b 

02. Phase II reactions of drug biotransformation:

a. Decreases its water solubility.

b. Includes activity of cytochrom P-450.

c. Usually leads to inactivation of the drug.

d. Does not include acetylation.

e. Occur at the same rate in adults and the newborn.

Key: c

03. The half-life of a drug may be helpful to determine:

a. Dosage schedule of the drug. 

b. Level of absorption.

c. Distribution into different body systems.

d. The rate of absorption through GIT.

e. Time to get the steady state.

Key: e

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