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PMP Exam Prep Questions,Answers & Explanations (+1000 Q & A) [PDF]

PMP Question

This PMP Question Bank includes + 1000 questions and responses, which will assist you in preparing for the PMP certification exam. This + 1000 PMP Question Bank should be used after completion of the preparation research for the PMP examination.

PMP Question Bank With Answers

Below are PMP Question Bank samples.

Question #1
A definitive estimate is:
A. Top-down estimating.
B. Created during initiation.
C. Within a range from -10% to +25% of actual.
D. The most expensive to create.

Question #2
Are all the following inputs to the expected cross-budgeting method?
A. cost estimate.
B. project schedule.
C. risk management plan.
D.activate duration estimates.

Question #3
Estimating analogs is a tool method used in managing time and cost. What is the best description of how to estimate analogs?
A. by-bottom-up estimating techniques.
B. Obtain management estimation alternatives for each task.
C. by-top-down estimating techniques.
D. based on historical costs.

Question #4
Cost budgeting is defined as
A. The estimated total project cost when completed.
B. Assigning cost estimates to individual pieces of work.
C. Develop resource cost estimates required to finish project activities.
D. the sum of the approved cost estimates.

Question #5
You can only authorize 1 of the 2 projects u really intended to finish this year due to the latest downsizing of the company.You decided to select the $95k NPV project and cancel the other project that had a $37k NPV,
what are the opportunities costs connected with this new choice?

A. $37k
B. $95k
C. $123k
D. $58k

Question #6
Analogues estimating is a form of
A. earned value.
B. expert judgment.
C. cost planning
D. parametric modeling.

Question #7
Your developer supplied a “cost per code line” estimate for you.
What sort of estimate was used to supply this data by the developer?
A. Parametric estimating.
B. Bottom-up- estimating.
C. Analogues estimating.
D. PERT estimating.
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