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PMP Question Bank As Per PMBOK 6th Edition [PDF]


PMP Question Bank will help you in your PMP Certification exam preparation

PMP Questions Bank

PMP® is a Project Management Professional Certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.

You will find in PMP Question bank PDF  many questions based on Pmbok 6th edition, You should be already in the process of preparing for your PMP Certification Exam.

Advantages of PMP Questions & Answers: It is recommended to practice answering as many mock up exams as you can. You can also take the same mock-up test multiple times to see if you have overcome the mistake you did the previous time.

Advantages Of PMP Question Bank:

1-This PMP  Bank helps you to answer questions faster, moreover, reading and understanding questions easily.
2-This PMP  Question Bank bank is useful to understand the approach to answering any question.
3-This PMP Bank Q & A gives you confidence.
4-This Question & answers for PMP enable you to follow continuous improvement (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to reach your goal of PMP.
5-This question bank assess if you are able to solve the math questions correctly & quickly
6- The PMP questions gives you a direction in strengthening your preparation for the PMP exam.

PMP Sample Question And Answer

Question# You are trying to gather ideas related to project and product requirements. Which technique is appropriate for this?
A-) Brainstorming
B-) Nominal Group Technique
C-) Affinity Diagram
D-) Multi-criteria Decision Analysis

Answer: A


Question# You are working as a project manager in a company. You have the highest degree of authority, you are working full-time for your project and you manage the budget of the project. What is the organizational structure in your company?
A-) Strong Matrix
B-) Projectized
C-) Functional
D-) Balanced Matrix

Answer: B

Question# All of the following are tools and techniques that can be used in Identify Stakeholders process EXCEPT:
A-) Expert Judgment
B-) Stakeholder Register
C-) Meetings
D-) Stakeholder Analysis

Answer: B

Question# During the project planning phase, which of the following steps come latest compared to others?
A-) Hold a kick-off meeting
B-) Gain formal approval of the plan
C-) Develop Budget
D-) Develop Schedule

Answer: A


Question#The project team is arguing about the prospective sellers who have submitted proposals. One team member argues for a certain seller while another team member wants the project to be awarded to a different seller. The BEST thing the project manager should remind the team to focus on in order to make a selection is the:

A-) Procurement documents

B-) Procurement audits

C-) Evaluation criteria

D-) Procurement management plan

Answer is C


Question# A project manager is in the middle of creating a request for proposal (RFP). What part of the procurement process is he in?

A-) Conduct procurements

B-) Plan Procurements

C-) Control Procurements

D-) Close Procurements

Answer is B

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