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11 Primavera P6 Scheduling Tips | Advanced P6 Tricks [PDF]

Top 11 Primavera P6 Tips And Tricks & Primavera P6 Tricks Shortcuts:

In this article, you will learn some Primavera P6 Tips and Tricks And Tricks, which defines the types of activity dates available in the module & how they are used to plan and schedule your project. Also, these Primavera P6 tricks will help you to review time schedules quickly.

1. Find Your Activities In Primavera P6

To search for projects’ activities manually is time-consuming & impractical. It’s easier to use Ctrl + F to search for the activity name within your activities.


2. Use “F9” To Schedule In Primavera P6

One of Primavera P6 Tips And Tricks is when you want to run a Schedule (P6 use Critical Path Method ) for your project, you need to click on at least three different buttons. However, click on F9 will take you to the Schedule immediately. Moreover, this function will show the changes within the schedule, which is a perfect tool for reviewing entries for errors & missing information.


3. Close Open Projects In Primavera P6

One of top of P6 Shortcuts is when you want to close any open projects, you just need to click on Ctrl+W

4. Link Activities in P6 (Creating Finish To Start “FS” Relationship)

One of the most useful P6 Tips And Tricks is when you want to create Finish To Start relationship between activities, you just need to click in two activities or more and right click and then click on Link Activities.

5. Check Open End Activities

One of P6 Tips And Tricks is to check and remove open ends in the activity network. A good starting point is to look for the list of activities without successors/predecessors in the Scheduling/Leveling Report, which can be shown on the Schedule window (F9 or Tools >Schedule>View Log).


6. Fill Down To Copy Data 

Suppose that we have ten activities & their descriptions are very similar. So instead of typing all these descriptions, you need to select all these activities but remember you should first click on the columns that you want to be filled in the other rows & then click on Shift bottom & then select the other rows.

Then right click on the selected area and choose to fill down.

7. Disable Auto Reorganization

Auto reorganization applies to activities on the window-level data only; For example, activities in the Activities window may be reorganized using this feature, (For Example: if you filter for a number of activities, and your changing the original duration of each one of these activities and sorting by the original duration,then auto reorganization will change the organization every time you change the original duration)

To Disable Auto-Reorganization: With any window active, choose Tools, Disable Auto-Reorganization

8. Renumbering Activity ID For Entire Schedule

Changing the activity ID for the entire schedule manually will take too much time, so you can do it automatically:

A-Select the activities

B-Click on the “Edit” menu

C-Click on “Renumber Activity IDs”

D-Write”Prefix”,”Suffix”,”Increment Value”

9. Searching for activity in Primavera P6

A- Use this P6 shortcut on an opened layout “CTRL+F”

B-Type what you are searching for

10. Linking (Finish to Start) Relationships between activities in P6

A-Highlight the activities in your Primavera P6 project that you want to link

B-Right click

C-Click on “Link Activities”

11. Replicate the same particular predecessors

A-select the activity’s predecessors

activity pred

B-Click “Assign”


C- You have now successfully selected all the predecessors.

D- Select another activity and hit the ” + ” button to assign.

E- You’re now replicated the same predecessors.

Download Primavera P6 Tricks PDF 

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