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Primavera P6 Tutorial Course | Beginner to Advanced Expert [PDF]

P6 tutorial

Oracle Primavera Primavera P6 Tutorial is project management software that provides many solutions related to planning, scheduling, cost control, and reporting issues for professionals across all industries. Unlike other software, It has advanced product management, collaboration, project management, and reporting capabilities. However, students and beginners may find it difficult to use or understand without an adequate training program.

Why Primavera P6 Project Management?

Primavera P6 helps organizations minimize risks identified providing a chance to learn both from the project’s successes and mistakes of each project with perfect planning. So, it is clear for the project managers to predict based on analysis, cost forecasting &  previous experiences.

Primavera P6 is one of the best software for best planning & controlling solutions for even the most complex projects.  It features a Gantt in case of charts, resources, cost histograms, PERT network charts, and predefined refinery. The project duration filters specific to each field and presets the report formats for providing involving operation downtime with a clear insight on each project.

P6 Primavera’s Project Management Consists of:

  • An Enterprise Structure (includes managers at highest levels to individuals at the primary level of an organization. Multiple users can concurrently access the same projects).
  • Centralized Resource Management
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Threshold Management
  • Issue Management
  • Tracking feature to enable dynamic cross-project roll-ups of earned value, cost, and schedule
  • Report Wizard

Learn how to use Oracle Primavera P6 to effectively and effectively handle large and medium-sized projects. In this Primavera P6 tutorial course, we will show the Primavera P6 user interface and shows how to plan projects, including how to create filters, layouts & baselines, and how to print reports. He demonstrates how to create and assign roles & resources, update an un-resourced project, control projects with resources and costs, set up a database, and administer the database.

Primavera P6 Course Learning Objectives:

  • This Primavera P6 course shows Configuring preferences
  • This course on Primavera P6 demonstrates how to create a project framework for enterprises (EPS)
  • This course in Primavera P6 demonstrates how to create an activity project
  • This tutorial on Primavera P6 demonstrates how to create calendars
  • This Primavera P6 PDF shows how to create a work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • This Tutorial shows how to Create and formatting a schedule
  • This Primavera P6 Tutorial shows how to Format Gantt charts
  • This tutorial on Primavera P6 demonstrates how to create calendars
  • This Primavera P6 Tutorial shows Setting a baseline
  • This tutorial on Primavera P6 demonstrates how resources are allocated
  • This tutorial on Primavera P6 demonstrates how expenses are handled
  • This Tutorial shows how to Print reports
  • This Primavera P6 tutorial demonstrates how projects can be imported and exported

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